MBF12086 - D-Nox - Around The World EP

D-Nox returns with his second release  on MBF.

"Dirty Streets" undergoes quite a metamorphosis from a house to an acid track, using catchy elements and stripping it down to essentials, giving vintage elements a new life.

D-Nox uses his experience which enable him to reduce things, keeping them simple which is an art by itself, for those who know. The effect is a really clubby and super strong party tune.

"Black Scorpion" is is a perfect counterpart, heavy pounding less light and jolly, much more acting on the darker side of things it developed step by step into a epic track with driving chords being added in the post Detroit fashion (respect to Blake Baxter).

Release date: 23rd January 2012

1. Dirty streets

2. Black scorpion

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