Paintwork 01 - Helge Kuhl - Autumbomb

Helge Kuhl is an upcoming recording artist from Cologne who gains inspiration from his livesets, which he loves to play loud!
He belongs to a new avantgarde of musicians that believes in a new world order with a high disregard for regulations of genres, politics and stupidity.
His music is full of emotions, playful elements and good melodies all brought together in a magic way. With his trax he likes to put foward a strong attitude that is expressed through apoetic suggestiveness.
“Autumnbomb” the title track of this release combines all of these characteristics including a seemingly unemotional vocoder voice:
“People come for going homeare standing up for sitting downpeople think they are aloneand stay together on their own”

“Evolution” is a clubby rhythmic stripped down minimal track, describing in an ambiguous way the process of evolution and something else....
The third track, “K. Ping” is a bassline driven song with wonderful tiny melodies flying through the universe....recollected by Helge to make the most out of it!
A playful, melodic, eternal kind of track that will boost your soul and that you will remember when you are back home from the party.

Release date: 30 March 2009

1. Autumnbomb

2. Evolution

3. K. Ping

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