Paintwork 02 - Helge Kuhl - Always The Same

Helge Kuhl´s second release “Always the same” after his first ep “Autumnbomb” is another pop pearl.
The first track “Drop Drinking“ is melancholic and at the same time euphoric. Helge´s voice again transports lots of alienation and passion.
More than a statement about the repetition of one and the same music as we can witness today... it is at the same time picking up a feeling everyone can associate with in one way or the other. This is a great song.
“Loveisnowhere” is like life, you can read the title in two ways... and  it can be either good or bad... it could mean everything stays the same, or has one just changed and perceives things differently.
Helge offers pieces of a puzzle one can put together as he sings along: “It's always the same”.
“Loveisnowhere” Helge says was rhythmically inspired by Morse code rhythms.

Release date: 29 June 2009

1. Drop Drinking (Always the same)

2. Loveisnowhere

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