Paintwork 03 - Helge Kuhl - Copy Me

The first track of Helge Kuhl´s new release on Paintwork is simply titled “Copy Me”.
Punning with the term “Copy Me” Helge refers to the thoughts of copying and stealing music in the internet, a strong issue right now as it is, as well as the usage of copies and repeating elements as an essential part of writing music.
Helge hints at the absurdity of it and remarks that the voice of “Copy Me” is sung by a robot he has rented for this purpose. We are not sure if we should believe this, but before we can even sort this out, he adds that “every human is an egg in the universe that wants to have a copy of himself.”
Well “Copy Me” is a marvellous piece of pop music that stands in a continuity to “Autumnbomb”, “Drop Drinking” and “Loveisnowhere”.
The track is a vocoder based piece of pop that fascinates through a bouncing bassline, melodic synth-chords and a haunting sweet melody that Kraftwerk could not have played better.
Once heard you can't get it out of your head. The airy distinctive feeling is maybe the trademark of this track which separates it from the other tracks he has written so far.

Copy me! Just overwrite, Copy me! Many many times, Copy me: Test Test Copy me! No rights are left.

The second track “About Guitars and Heroes” is a real mover.
A track that will provide parties with an natural emotional height and big fun for sure. A modern new wave tune which we really don't  hear very often unless we stumble across an new LCD Soundsystem track.
Helge´s tune is a pulsating piece of music which puts joy next to melancholy and reminds us somehow of Northern English bands in the mid 80ies.
“About Guitars and Heroes” is  carried by a repetitious and relentless guitar chord from Helge which provides the track with a lot of drive  and speed.
In a way it sounds already like a classic to us. Helge has everything already a big producer needs to be successful left and right off the dance floor.
Chris Shelswell and Sean Kerwin aka Modifier from Great Britain have produced a remix of „Drop Drinking“.
They have their own platform with great tracks stitching together electronic based tracks that incorporate an adventurous and courageous cross over attitude.
We don't know where this will all end, but this is also the thrill, my friend.
Their remix for Helge Kuhl has all the qualities of a perfect grand pop song, involving dramatic melodic passages that will drive the tears to your eyes.
We are sure that this will be not the last piece of music to come out on Paintwork by the duo.

Release date: 20 January 2010

1. Copy Me

2. About Guitars and Heroes

3. Drop Drinking (Modifier remix)

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