Paintwork 04 - Helge Kuhl - Nothing Hill

We welcome back the Cologne composer Helge Kuhl who has had great success with “Autumn Bomb”, “Evolution” and “Drop Drinking” on Paintwork.
Helge is a true musician who loves to play live and has been booked in London to play as well as in clubs around Cologne not to forget the Pollerwiesen Party where Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos are residents.
“Nothing Hill” is a release with three new tracks that comprise the melody stricken track “Bango” which builds on tracks such as “Autumn Bomb “ and “Drop Dinking”, whereas “Nothing Hill” is more on the side of “Evolution” and “Sound Between The Steps” stands for it’s own.
“Nothing Hill” starts with a beat intro and plunges into a vocal part having Helge put forward the message: “nothing is something”. Helge Kuhl picks up on the ambiguities in life here as he has done before with Paintwork 01... and gently whispers... ”nothing is something”.
“Bango” is a colourful synth grinding melodic pop song in the tradition of his two releases, evoking a bit of a similar feeling and energy.
“Sound Between The Steps” consists to a big degree on breaks, one could say the track is one big track, constantly cutting out parts and creating a parallel beat to the existing one. A brave and unique concept we have not come across as far as we can think if in the last 10 years.

Release date: 28 June 2010

1. Nothing Hill

2. Bango

3. The Sound Between The Steps

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