Paintwork 05 - Helge Kuhl - Big Bang

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Helge Kuhl is back in full attack.
Poet, singer songwriter, book writer... Helge Kuhl has not yet decided what leads to prosperity.
He is a true DIY artist... but a kid of now... who can sound like a 100.000 euro recording studio just equipped with a laptop. On his debut album on Paintwork every sound is newly programmed, even the new versions of already released tracks sound completely different.
“Big Bang’s” sound design is altogether new (in comparison to his prior releases) and therefore sounds very much like a concept album, but Helge Kuhl insists... it is not.
Forward pressing—fresh sounding... more aggressive without the negative aspect... this album has a new sound design which was a result of doing a whole album.
Starting with a short vocoder introduction to the album “Get This” sets his mark and strips blank  conventional comfortable feelings substituting them with new attack heavy synths.
This could be described as the most “punk“ track of him so far.
It is hard not to dance to this  track, the physical aspect is super dominant and basslines created waves to surf on.
The new sound design forms a thick block of sound with a huge punch and mids that really dig into your body. This all puts him next to Jimmy Edgar (Warp) in this respect... in others his music is totally different.
The album includes  five of Helge's strongest tracks of the past (Copy Me aka When We Copy Me, Communication, Evolution, Autumnbomb, Instant Love aka Loveisnowhere,) in the before mentioned   new sound design.
The core of the album is another masterpiece of Kuhl with the name of “The Rainbow Snake“ , this track incorporates all his skills that have made melodic trax such as “Autumbomb” and “Evolution” big trax and features Cologne Jazz singer Sophie Amanda with whom he has written the lyrics. “Fucking the rainbow snake” could be described as the antithesis, “Instant Love” is much more direct than “Loveisnowhere” and “Next” is a DJ friendly monster of a beat track with short internals of melody and sequences.
“Communication” works much more with contrasts than the original and “Mom” incorporates strong beats with  ascending sequences.
“Evolution” sounds more electronic and “Sound.Steps” is a cool track bringing sounds in and taking them out creating its own cool rhythm.
The album ends with “Autumnbomb” Helge Kuhl's biggest hit so far in a longer new version that keeps a lot more understatement, has a different vocoder coming much later thus giving the track a different turn.  

Release date: 8th June 2011

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