Paintwork 06 - Helge Kuhl - Big Bang remixed

The remixes of Helge Kuhl’s album „Big Bang“ includes a stunning remix by former Trapez artist Florian Meindl.
Meindl remixed the melodic track “Rainbow Snake” in a high energy fashion with pressing percussion and modulation that make it a peak time stomper.
  Spada’s remix of “Rainbow Snake“ is much more on the melodic side of things... working masterfully with the voice of Cologne Jazz singer Sophie Amanda to create a nice DJ friendly remix.
  Muktis remix is a fine blend of electronica and techno with a nice sound percussion on top of a steady beat and cool voice deconstruction, whereas Neg aka Marco Negozio has build a world around some of the sounds which has very much created a wonderful track by itself.
  The remix by Fjord is by far the most electronic sounding and IDM focussed one. It works especially good under headphones with its wonderful spaces it creates... melodies of beauty and haunting noises... make it an exceptional remix... whoever loves the first album of White Noise... check out this remix.

Release date: 22nd June 2011

1. The Rainbow Snake
(Florian Meindl remix)

2. The Rainbow Snake
(Spada remix)

3. The Rainbow Snake
(Muktis remix)

3. The Rainbow Snake
(Neg remix)

3. The Rainbow Snake
(Fjord remix)

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