Paintwork 07 - Anthrazit - A rise of Sid

We would like to introduce a new act on Paintwork: Anthrazit.
It has been a hard search since Helge Kuhl has till now recorded every single release on Paintwork, so  we are happy to have found a German producer who has developed for himself a handwriting that draws from acts such as Daft Punk, Ersatz Audio or Alexander Robotnick.
Anthrazit is a multi talent. He is a painter, a full blood musician, a person who develops concepts and likes to disguise himself, taking on other personalities. His music is so colourful that it paints our black and while imaginations with bright colours.
“Synthetic Times” is a romantic tale of a robot who expresses his feelings through a vocoder voice. Voiced operational sequences meet an electro feeling which turns into disco or rather Italy disco. It is a sexy affair which Anthrazit is executing here... a bit of an adventure... timeless... detached from trends... the way we like it for Paintwork.
“Potion” is an electro bass driven track with an energetic flow of melody stabs and vocals that melt together, creating a unique balance.
“Monsta” is a mad relentless bassline rocker with pitch shifted apeggiator sounds that tear apart what does not belong together.
“Gotcha” still mad at times and hilariously silly puts forward a more friendly image on an hi energy level.

Release date: 19th October 2011

1. Synthetic Times

2. Potion

3. Monsta

4. Gotcha

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