Telrae-M001 - Various Artists - Telrae Vinyl Mix by Salz

Hi, we are proud to release a "Werkschau" of our first relay on Telrae from the years 2011 to February / March 2012.

And who could we possibly ask better than SALZ who initiated and inspired us to launch this imprint.

Salz here is represented by Emanuel Geller who has done a 100% vinyl DJ mix.

So if there are cracklings or hissing sounds they are 100% on purpose since this is part of the game.

The mix grants every Telrae artist a place and is smoothly mixed and executed by Mr Geller.

So be enchanted by these tracks and stay tuned.

Release date: 29th February 2012

1. Stefan Gubatz - An
2. Riley Reinhold - Get A Splash (Salz "Dub-O-Lution" Remix)
3. Martin Schulte – Killer
4. Van Bonn – Maserung
5. Deepchild - Backroom (Salz „dub“ mix)
6. Deepchild - Backroom (Deepchild´s „Backroom in dub“ mix)
7. Stefan Gubatz – Transistor
8. Tremsch & Metzler - 20 Toes (Stefan Gubatz Remix)
9. Riley Reinhold - This Side Of Paradise (Salz „Dub“ Remix)
10. Stefan Gubatz – Aus
11. Martin Schulte – Overcast
12. Piemont - Running Mirror (Salz "Dub" Mix)
13. Stefan Gubatz – Radio
14. Tobias Hornberger - Unknown