Telrae-M002 - Various Artists - Telrae Mix by Salz Vol. 2

Hi, we are proud to release "Werkschau" no 2 on Telrae with music from mid of 2011 to summer of 2012.

And who could we possibly ask better than Salz who initiated and inspired us to launch this imprint.

The mix grants every Telrae artist a place and is smoothly mixed and executed this time by Axel Erbstösser and Emanuel Geller So be enchanted by these tracks and stay tuned.

Release date: 14th November 2012

Available at:

1. Marathon (Dublicator's "Long-distance" Dub)
2. Urban Wind
3. Maserung (Organon Remix)
4. 20 Toes (Salz „dub“ mix)
5. Radio (Van Bonn „Zahlensender“ Remix)
6. Marathon (Octex remix)
7. Schwerpunkt
8. Marathon
9. Electric Dreams (Dublicator Remix)
10. Ur (Salz Remix)
11. Ur
12. Burnout
13. Strands