Telrae 002 - Salz - Reworks Pt. 2

Telrae releases it's second 10” with handmade cover.

The Salz duo delivers with their a-side a dub remix of “20 Toes” which turns out as a gentle and sunny dub version with no stunts necessary.

Amazing quality in sound and recording makes this a pleasure to listen to. The remix works in favour of a long evolving wave of sound.

On the flipside their dub mix of “Backroom” is much more on the tougher side of things with broad and bold basslines and tough chords.

This is definitely something for the Detroit fans among us and makes a connection to feeling in sound.

Release date vinyl: 30th November 2010
Release date digital: 14th December 2010

A. Tremsch & Metzler - 20 Toes
(Salz "dub" Mix)

B. Deepchild - Backroom
(Salz "dub" Mix)