Telrae 005 - Reimut Van Bonn - Maserung / Schwerpunkt

Telrae welcomes sound seeker, noise controller, full time musician, Reimut Van Bonn.

He has written two tracks for Telrae. Both of them are constructed like a theatre play... each tone is intentionally - on purpose - generated and set in its proper place to create a symbiotic effect... which you realise once you give them time to interact… and create something which might be just one element in a chain reaction. Van Bonn's definition of Techno Dub.

You could say Van Bonn's has written the most abstract release so far for Telrae and you could be right. The two tracks are not written for functional reasons, but are very functional for the ones who seek for similar feelings such as, deepness, landscapes of sound or just snapshots in which time stands still. These tracks come from far away to be discovered by likeminded people. Dive into the world of Van Bonn.

Release date vinyl: 17th March 2011
Release date digital: 6th April 2011

A. Maserung

B. Schwerpunkt

Digital 1. Maserung
(Organon Remix)