Telrae 007 - Salz - Reworks pt. 3

Long awaited comeback of Salz, who initiated the label Telrae with their Reworks.

"This Side Of Paradise" in their dub rework is another highlight of top sound design and carries a classic note that never goes out of style. Their reworks is subtle, doing just as much as needed to keep the flow going.

Their version of "Someday" is a masterpiece of a remix, filtering and fusing effect channels so skilfully... the music seems to drip from above. A heartbreaking deep track... maybe one of their very best Reworks up to date.

Release date vinyl: 16th August 2011
Release date digital: 31st August 2011

A. Riley Reinhold - This Side Of Paradise
(Salz "Dub" Remix)

B. Riley Reinhold - Someday
(Salz "Dub" Remix)