Telrae 013 - Sven Weisemann - Elapse/Light Sway

We think we do not have to introduce Sven Weisemann, but for all of you who are not familiar with his work...

Sven has released on top labels such as Delsin, Smallfish, Echocord, Liebe*Detail and maybe the label he is mostly associated with is Mojuba records, which is based in Berlin.

His release for Telrae starts with "Elapse" a track so detached from everything and at the same time so earthly, it gains that mystic touch some trax radiate. It is again a timeless track on Telrae what we think is a quality we strive for.

"Light Sway" seems harder at first but turns out to be more melodic and light than "Elapse" and so the title fits it just right!

Release date vinyl: 15th October 2012
Release date digital: 29th October 2012

A. Elaspe

B. Light Sway