Telrae 015 V - Stefan Gubatz - Distanz Varianz

The new vinyl release by Stefan Gubatz features unreleased new dance floor versions of his tracks "Byte And Scratch" and "Offshore" (which had originally appeared as electronic versions on CD) which appear now exclusively for the first time on the Telrae vinyl 10" inch series as "reworks".

"Byte And Scratch (Rework)" here generates a subtle form of urgency which slowly step by step takes possession of yours and does not loose it’s grip till the very end.
Stefan has reworked the original for the club, has kept many details in the process of the sound shaping while on the other hand has changed the arrangement and dominance of key sounds very skillfully. He has transferred a piece of electronica into an intense piece of dub techno.

"Offshore (Rework)" is the counterpart of "Byte And Scratch (Rework)" being much more easy and repetitive …more in the fashion of some of Stefan’s 10" releases on Telrae before.

Release dates:
Vinyl: 14th March 2013
Digital: 28th March 2013

A. Byte & Scratch (Rework)

B. Offshore (Rework)

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