Telrae 018 - Andrea Cichecki - Isometric Illusions

New talent Andrea Cichecki releases her debut on Telrae.
Based in Berlin, Andreas has been recording music for some years, and started djing 13 years ago..organizing a lot of party's in the underground scene and got inspired by great music and meeting great people. Apart from music she works artistically in many fields such as photography, graphic design and illustrative artwork.
Andrea has recorded 3 original tracks for Telrae , of which two can be found on the vinyl. The third one including a remix by Tom Rubeck will be released digitally as a bonus.
The release kicks off with "Subjetive", which is a wonderful hypnotic piece of music that makes no stunts but creates friction though its tiny variations and added sounds.
The track is written in a way that sensitizes the listener, so one can actually can hear every change in the track. It directly shows Andrea Cichecki is a true tastemaker , has a great feeling for these details and you get the feeling that a track like "Subjective" captures a momentum which is never to be repeated even by the artist herself.
"When I paint or make pictures I always love to pick up details, the little things that are interesting to watch or to think about. With my music it works the same, I can spend hours of listening to just that one sound that is so different. "
"Music has no language, but a sense of awareness"
"Objective" is a crispy dubby atmospheric affair…electronic, spacious and fruity. The track progresses nicely in "waves" and is powered by a 303 bassline. Time stands still also with "Objective" .
Tomas Rubeck has remixed the bonus track "Illusion" transforming it into a deep-soft and floating dubbed out track; in contrast to the original (also added as a digital track) which is more sober, keeps the sounds and Fx rotating around the beat.
Andrea commenting on her EP: "I really like the fact that making art is really a challenge to think and consider what you want and who you are. Nowadays it is hard not to loose yourself in the kind of hype that is going on at that moment. So what I always do is thinking and trying, when I'm in my comfortable zone in making art, not to think about it. That is the moment of finding your flow and grow stronger with that."

Release date:
Vinyl: 12th June 2013
Digital: 26th June 2013

A/1. Subjective

B/2. Objective

3. Abstract Illusions
(Tomas Rubeck Remix)

4. Abstract Illusions

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