Telrae 020 - Salz - Reworks Pt. 5

The background for this release could not possibly be more connected to the theme of vinyl, as it has happened here.
In fact the release refers to a piece of art by the Cologne artist Jens Standke who delivered his final masterpiece for school of media in Cologne (KHM) with it.
We are talking here about the sculpturing of vinyl stalagmites (it’s a type of speleothem that rises from the floor of a limestone cave due to the dripping of mineralized solutions and the deposition of calcium carbonate).
Out of about 140 vinyl records, a single sculpture was developed. The shape of the sculpture was developed by a recorded waveform which then was transferred by milling up single separate shapes in which process the groove was scanned. The optical pick up recorded around 800 sounds.
Salz was allowed to help themselves choosing from the huge variety of sounds, which where then distilled and reworked, mastered and transferred into a sound which made sense for their dub techno productions.
Salz have accomplished to create a whole out of vinyl sound fragments, so one could come to the conclusion to refer to this as "recycling" if there was an art form dedicated to this, which we are not aware of.
The art project of Jens Standke inspired Salz a lot and so we can witness here a unique result which ranges from musical rhythms to crackling sound fragments which is called here: "Technofaktur Dub".

On the flip side we offer for the first time on vinyl a re-work Salz had done for the swedish duo Minilogue.

Release date:
Vinyl: November 2013
Digital: 20. November 2013

A. Technofaktur Dub

B. Minilogue - Certain Things Part 2
(Salz Remix)

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