Telrae 025 - Van Bonn - Unbound

You can see the merits of Van Bonn’s releases on Trapez and on Van Bonn Records in his new release with Telrae. The attractiveness of repetition has made its way in to this EP... and it was a good choice.

We kick off with "King", a track which is a cross breed of a stubborn beat and a dub techno track with melodic intermezzi that fly in and out. More minimalistic than most of the tracks you know from him and it shows unexpected crazy sounds you would not expect from Van Bonn or in this context.

On the other hand the epic 10 minute monster "Distinct" is a real dub techno giant and a soundtrack as well... with beats that take you by the hand.

This is a whole meal or better raw power food on Telrae. Enjoy!

Release date:

Vinyl:     January 2015
Digital:   26. November 2014

A. King

B. Distinct

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