Telrae 027 - OVC - Escalator One

OVC is from Chicago where he has been producing, and playing out electronic stuff in one form or another for ten years including a lot of gigs and some residencies for example in Sonotheque.
But it's only been the last three or four years that he’s gotten into the deeper side of techno and recently into the deeper/dubbier techno style.
His music is a little raw as he does it all in hardware. He weaves together deep narratives out of a collection of blinking sequencers and drum machines, always assisted by a generous dose of reverb and delay.

OVC releases with us on Telrae the first 3 tracker we have done so far.
All 3 tracks being on the calmer side of electronic music, rich in depth of sound and motion!

Release date:

Vinyl:     May 2015
Digital:   24. June 2015

Available at:


A1 Gosplan

B1 Escalator One

B2 Cardamom