Telrae 028 - Upwellings - Dubbin´At The Strobe

This is the second release on Telrae from French artists Upwellings aka Vincent Raude who was professor of modern art at the academy of Brest and has been recording music since 1996.
His EP comprised two tracks.

A-side "Dubbin' At The Strobe Feat. Michael Zerang" shows a nice interaction of drums and sounds developing a profound deep mood. Drum parts were recorded in Chicago by Michael Zerang, a real jazz legend who played a lot with Peter Brötzmann and Joe Mcphee as well as Hamid Drake.

The flip side "Lighthouse Dub" has the aura of a place which is extremely isolated.
The sound is at times extremely pulled back and melancholic and holds a sentiment that reminds us a bit of Joy Division’s "We Are The Young Men". The track undergoes a transformation beatwise when going more uptempo.

Release date:

Vinyl:     July 2015
Digital:   26. August 2015

Available at:


A Dubbin' At The Strobe Feat. Michael Zerang

B Lighthouse Dub