Telrae 029 - Freund der Familie - Freundlich II

"Freundlich II“ is the follow up of Freund der Familie’s "Freundlich" 12“ which was released in 2014 on Telrae.

The A-side track "Mash Up" is a deep setup of electronica. Somehow futuristic, alienated and claustrophobic. It could it be the soundtrack for a vintage science fiction movie. Or in other words: pulsating beats imbedded in a sea of sounds, noises and FX that generate life.

"Seconds" joins in with ghostly dark sounds that in the course of the track are accompanied by a steady beat.

Release date:

10" vinyl via Decks Records:                  October 2015
Release date Beatport:                  16. November 2015
Release date iTunes/Finetunes:    20. November 2015

Available at:


A Mash Up (Reshape)

B Seconds