Tim Kossmann - Slower Than Zero - Telrae 030

Tim Kossmann on Telrae

Tim Kossmann gives his debut on Telrae with a vibrant and personal 2-track release.

"Slower Than Zero" by Tim Kossmann

"Slower Than Zero" by its title, defines the style oft he track entirely. See Tim Kossmann here writing chilled out-, slow motion-, heavy dub- electronica at its best! We totally embrace this song!

"At The Core" by Tim Kossmann

"At The Core" is gentle and with poise. Tim’s sound aesthetic is a great balancing act of tough 'vertical' sounds and 'horizontal floating' sounds. The tension he creates is breathtaking and to the point, never random. Kossmann is also good for some surprises, so expect a challenging composition here.

Release Dates

10" vinyl via Decks Records:      11. April 2016
Release date Digital:                  25. April 2016

Available at:


A Slower Than Zero

B At The Core