Martyn Playfrd - Egyptologist’s Notes - Trapez 252

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Classy piece of techno by Martyn Playfrd!

We welcome back Martyn Playfrd for another classy piece of techno that can rock every crowd.

The ep kicks off with the earthquake like groove-monster "Nwn". The track strikes through Martyn’s beat programming and then adds an exceptional phrenic synth stabbing that throws you off the rocker, And if you think you have heard it all then Martyn adds a Morricone like melody. We must say that this track might be the best track we have released for years. Fantastic to the bone!

The next track "Ra" is a deep repetitive and sometimes dark track with a lot of depth.

"Sth" is a mighty track that shares the innovation of combining elements that you would not expect in the mix with the opening track "Nwn". A deep piece of soulful techno music you don't want to miss on position 3 on this ep.

Release date:                                                              18. November 2022