Forest People - Impact Play EP - Trapez 254

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We welcome Forest People!

Forest People is the alter ego of Dragan Lakic. He has released on many labels among them: Planet Rhythm, Labyrinth, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Darknet, 43 Recordings and many more. He has been supported by Len Faki, Alex Bau, Umek, Paco Osuna and more and has played Berghain, Tresor and other legendary clubs. The name of Forest People stems from the time of his childhood when he was playing in the forest and imagined seeing a secret nation living there that nobody could see. His music can be described as a hybrid of minimal techno and deep techno always keeping a seductive groove and creative hypnotic moments that can be played also in peak moments of techno sets.

His new ep on Trapez kicks off with "Impact Play" a track that almost glides through a space, elegant, but also determined with a clear goal in mind. Hypnotic techno at its best where the groove is half the battle.

"Sister Love" sounds much more heavy and monstrous and carries an almost industrial note. The baseline is determined to move you on to the dance floor if you want it or not. This is heavy duty techno in a big way and certainly music in which you can happily loose yourself!

"Nymph" puts us in a waiting room to create tension from the very beginning. Repetitive music with a little bit of change that makes it all worthwhile. This is simplistic music exercised in a masterful way and when the clap comes on every kick you know there is some techno history contained in this track.

"Sodade" opens with an almost light-ambient sound loop in the background that shifts slightly and through that builds up suspense that installs a foreboding for a change to come. A punctuating synth then works rhythmically against the loop which is what techno funk is all about and which is so satisfying!

The last track "The Nine Unknown" in this 5 track ep is the most classic in this selection of tracks. Heavy pounding kicks meets distorted and dirty pads which later get joined by another lead theme to complete this techno tune.

Release date:                                                                24. February 2023