Bella Bits - Rave To The Grave EP - Trapez 264

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Bella Bits's follow up!

The Irish producer returns with his second EP on Trapez. The first EP "Medicine Boy" featured the fantastic surreal techno track "The Mermaid" which really stunned us so we asked him for a follow up. The EP takes up that theme of mystic tales incorporated into hard youthful techno. Maybe he has created a new new style. We think so.

The EP kicks off with "You Lick Windows" a track that throws in sounds with a psychedelic gibberish sick quality. Chords rain from the sky as acid rain... or as result from from a memory loss? A great performance is assured!

The resurrection is affirmed. The dance-floor will never be empty again! "Rave To The Grave" is your own zombie pet. A soundtrack for any after hour party till the next day. If in Berlin or Dublin. one thing is for sure: techno will never die.

"We All Go" closes the EP with a powerful heavy grinding rave tune that is all about club life and the collective spirit. Expect full impact on every level and a mad narrative vocal taking over from time to time. With the sweat dropping from the ceiling we can only shout : "Lets all go berserk"!

Release date:                                                                  19. January 2024