Mijk van Dijk & Alex Blanco - Imitation/ Abomination - Trapez 265

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Mijk van Dijk teamed up with Alex Blanco!

In February we are releasing our third single by Berlin techno icon Mijk van Dijk who has again teamed up with British producer Alex Blanco.

The tracks pay tribute to the more uptempo techno in the scene so expect more of a rumble.

The two track single kicks off with "Imitation" wich is despite its tempo still a true Mijk van Dijk and Alex Blanco track. The old school vibe definitely finds a home here. Drops off vocals hit and rave signal sounds send out a message, this track will create some havoc on the dance floor.

"Abomination" has a slower pace, is darker at times, but mood changes make it again a raving tune.

We have a follow up in the pipe already!‚‚

Release date:                                                                23. February 2024