Bassfreq - Whispers EP - Trapez 268

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Maestro of New York techno!

Bassfreq, the US-based maestro of New York techno, has in the past garnered notable support from none other than techno luminary Richie Hawtin, and his tracks have graced Beatport's esteemed Top 10 Minimal and Techno Releases on multiple occasions.

Collaborating on five EPs together under the TRAPEZ label, we've witnessed Bassfreq's ascent to the upper echelons of the Beatport charts, showcasing his prowess in crafting immersive sonic journeys that captivate listeners worldwide.

His latest offering, a tantalizing two-track EP, reaffirms his mastery of the genre. In "Whispers" and "New ERA" Bassfreq channels the essence of early New York techno while infusing it with a contemporary twist. "Whispers" emanates an industrial aura, with monumental drum kicks inducing a sense of alienation and intrigue, reminiscent of the genre's underground roots.

Meanwhile, "New ERA" ventures into uncharted territory, flirting with a crossover sound that exudes a freestyle ethos. With its crystal-clear production and open hi-hats evoking nostalgia for the heyday of early techno, the track transports listeners on a euphoric journey through time and sound.

While Bassfreq's latest offering may dial down the grit and dystopian undertones, it nevertheless delivers an electrifying experience that pays homage to the rich legacy of New York techno while pushing the boundaries of sonic exploration.

Release date:                                                                        17. May 2024