They say music never dies and the creativity in an artist can never truly be extinguished. For this one techno veteran of the scene this couldn't be more true. Having cemented his name in the techno history books Justin Berkovi is about to burst back on the scene after lying low for a few years with his 6th album 'Mondrian' out soon on Trapez.

With people like Ben Klock dropping old Djax classics such as Berkovi's 'The Groove' you realise that the veteran producer now residing in London has done his techno 'time' and his material from over 10 years ago still is popular today.

Music came early to a young Berkovi who spent a youth spraying trains, listening to Big Daddy Kane, MC Shan, Chill Rob G and doing everything he could to try and produce his own beats. Following the well trodden path of moving from hip hop to rave culture and then techno Berkovi thought he'd cut a break after meeting Dave Clarke in 1992 and visiting See Saw Record Holland. That and a hook up with Dave Angel in London failed to produce any music but the young Berkovi was determined and finally in 1996 he got some equipment together and released his debut EP on Cristian Vogel's 'Mosquito' label home to luminaries such as Jamie Lidell, Neil Landstrum, Tobias Schdmit and Dave Tarrida.

Things moved quickly - Justin then released a ton of EPs on some fantastic labels from back in the day, Sativae, Neue Heimat, Force Inc, Drought, Cloned, Pro-Jex, Sonic Groove, Djax-up-beats and many more. He produced two albums of electronica / techno for Force Inc with Charm Hostel being a remarkably mature and accomplished debut. After releasing the 01273 Predicaments EP on Force Inc Berkovi had made his mark and launched his 'Predicaments' label which ran for 18 releases. The label achieved cult status and featured classic cuts from D Rush, Miss Kittin, Dave Tarrida, Subhead, Adam X, Alex Bau and more.

The next few years were busy for the emerging producer and live act. When Berkovi dropped the hit  and bizarrely titled 'Sustained Buxom Mad Chips' on Harthouse in 1999 he began gigging constantly worldwide and hooked up with Cocoon bookings for their parties in Ibiza and all over Europe. An album of fierce techno followed for Harthouse entitled 'In The Bag'. Justin continued to release on Harthouse, his own labels Predicaments and Nightrax (For deeper more introspective music) and also was busy remixing people such as Johannes Heil, Cristian Vogel, Subhead, Hardfloor, Bolz Bolz, Steve Stoll, Dj Rush, Alter Ego, Sebrok and more.

In 2001 Justin signed to Music Man records and went on to release some of the best music of his career with two albums and several EPs. The 2004 hit 'I Can Feel The Sound' (Remixed by Phil Kieran) for Music Man was to be the last release from Berkovi in a while as he took a break from playing out and producing to help found an internet start up business in London. Bizarrely he also found time to produce a full length album of electronica during this break under the 'Viard' pseudonym.

However the techno bug couldn't escape him.

Years later Justin went back into the studio and started to put together a new live set and worked on new techno that has prompted his return to the fore. Dropping the slamming 'Industry 101' on Adam Jay's Chroma label from the US was a statement of intent. Like Will Graham in Manhunter Berkovi had the scent back. Inspired, invigorated and loving the music again Justin has released some of his best work over the past year. In addition to releases on Prosthetic Pressings Chicago (VICE / NEWMATIC which included a Ben Sims remix), Kirk Degeorio's ART label with 'Drive' and 'When I Throw Down' he has produced deeper material for Terrace and Estroe's Eevonext label as well as remixing people such as Chris Finke, Space DJz, Mr Jones, Rocco Caine, Roland M Dill and PING!. Perc also even re-released and remixed the Djax classic 'Backshredding' which came out on Perctrax last year.

Things went from strength to strength and Justin finished off 2011 playing a classic old school set for FUSE in Belgium and new material at Berghain's 7 Anniversary in December.

2012 sees Berkovi releasing his 7th full length album and it's his best. Honing his production over the years he now moves between 100% club techno (Mondrian), through to industrial darkness (Voices), stripped back techno 'Heritage' and beautiful soundscapes in the form of Nadir. 'Mondrian' is a huge return to form for Justin and he's going on the road showcasing his new live set and peak time techno madness.