Tour De Traum XIV - Mixed By Riley Reinhold - Traum CDDig 41

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We are embracing the now with our explorations into electronic music presented by Tour De Traum XVI. Serving up some of the freshest producers alongside cherished household names. Music from around the globe, exotic and challenging. Expect to hear music from Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, USA, Mexico, Greece, The Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and more.

KEPLER - Planet Nine Was Minor

The release kicks off with "Planet Nine Was Minor" by KEPLER a track that defines everything Traum stands for, which is an extensive wanderlust composition that changes direction in a soulful way.

Ben Haviour - Live Wire

Ben Haviour joins us again on Tour De Traum with a nice reversed sound and cool programmed beats

Brid & Snyder – RAMP

Brid & Snyder contribute a glorious fusion of house and disco music resulting in a fine groover that pays tribute the introspective-melancholic soul of Detroit's heritage.

Damian Rausch - In Space

Damian Rausch baths in lush and gentle sounds that remind us of the unique bass-line driven music of Mr Fingers.

Joel Forsberg - Eko Av Skuggor

Joel Forsberg is not an unknown face to the Traum family. He has released: "Tre Minuter Till Midnatt" and "Vi Lyfter I Motvind" already with us. His new track "Eko Av Skuggor" proves Joel can compose melodic poetic music on a high scale that will go under your skin.

Roger van Lunteren – EOY

Roger van Lunteren offers with with "EOY" a superior melodic vintage house-track that could be a real house anthem for people like us. Enchanting.

Elad Perez – Tanzania

Elad Perez present with "Tanzania" a fat & funky bass-line and ethno chanting that could have been a product of the early years of Sheffield's electronic Warp music related label Outer Rhythm respectively Yorkshire Bleeps and Bass scene. A killer tune for people with love for a wide range of music.

Mario Hammer & STIQ – Extrawunsch

STIQ formerly known as Tonal Abstract pass on the track "Extrawunsch" where the duo from Krefeld and Mario Hammer have skillfully created a sensual piece of electronica that fascinates through its sound architecture and its courageous long break.

Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine

Dominik Eulberg & Essáy’s track "Dream Machine" probably needs no introduction, the track was release this year as a one side vinyl with a dream machine drawing and has become an anthem for a lot of people.

Nasca – Spring

French producer Nasca has written a powerful track with the simple name "Spring". A hypnotic groove based track that convinces through its adventuresome build up and that is causes shivers to run down your spine.

Musson - Therapy Session

With "Therapy Session" Musson has delivered a superb tribal groove laced with sequences that shape a space quite unique.

Groj - Found A Fool

The Canadian artsist Groj has released an EP on Traum already and one on our sub label Zaubernuss (Motte Ep). "Found A Fool" is an unreleased track of his with a tight groove and again highlights Groj’s wonderful vocals we cannot get enough of.

Floyd Hoogendijk - Landing Bolts

Floyd Hoogendijk has written a stunning intermezzo with "Landing Bolts". An emotional piano composition that could also be an intro or an outro, but we choose to bring it in the middle of the mix!

The Meteors Project – Dubbed

The Meteors Project are based in Cairo and hand over their track "Dubbed". A heart warming piece of music with peaks where elements clash to create suspense!

Optide - Off Shore

Optide present their track "Off Shore" which at the beginning reminds us of Wagonchrist but quickly jumps into gear to change direction with a played organ that has a bit of a Jimi Tenor feel to it. Nothing but breathtaking.

Airbus Modular – Exosphere

Welcome back Airbus Modular with whom we released a full EP in 2008! Now John Alexandropoulos is behind Airbus Modular and has written with "Exosphere" a track that consist of a melody made out of nice reverb cascades!

Riamiwo – Diffusynapsis

Also back is Riamiwo with his track "Diffusynapsis". For all fans of his we can only say this track shows again his skill to manipulate melodies, to enhance their depth and organic quality and as a result to create the perfect flow.

Mitja&Daniel Mes - Just In Case

Mitja&Daniel Mes released their fantastic track "Appletree" with us. Now with their new track "Just In Case" they show again they're stunning musicality and love for detail with a cross over into the world of guitar sounds and much more.

Monoplate - Space Junk

Monoplate contribute "Space Junk" a dub techno track as deep as it can get with a lot of sublime sounds making it a real listening experience.

blaktone - Saturn Jazz

blaktone has that early Human League feeling transferred into 2017 with all the recording technique and sound design that can make music so vivid. "Saturn Jazz" gives a great experience into sound and some reference to "French Kiss".

Pavel Kosmonaut – Komet

Pavel Kosmonaut is based in Germany and has a past of playing music live on festivals and "Komet" is an absolute pop music pearl. It is a light hearted space odyssey and reminds of early positive English techno.

Vincenzo Ciotoli - Purple Drone

With "Purple Drone" Vincenzo Ciotoli has composed a mighty melodic mover that sets a collective spirit free not sparing a nice melancholic note.

De Kraken - Drops Of Faith

New to the scene and showing a fresh approach and great skill, the Dutch artist De Kraken experiments by using real acoustic environmental sounds in combination with played synth. With "Drops Of Faith" he has written a free minded, exciting & peaceful piece of techno!

Fat Cosmoe – Cosmolita

With "Cosmolita" Fat Cosmoe puts forward a funky slow beat rocker that shows a great appreciation for jazzy polyrhythmic arrangements and live instrumentation. He uses real instruments and synthetic ones to create a unique lounge feeling!

Darken - The Only Constant

Let us introduce to you the Belgium artist Darken who skillfully weaves an obscure new wave feeling with contemporary electronic music. He does this with an exceptional knowledge for the human touch in music and manages to let the track grow organically on you. So we guess "The Only Constant" must be the result of a lot of live performances. But who knows?

Unfug – Gezeitenkraft

We welcome back Unfug. Since his last track on Tour De Traum he has released some tracks on another labels and returns to us with his brand new track "Gezeitenkraft" (Engl. tide). His sounds come in waves and are wonderfully relaxing and Unfug does some nice atmospheric changes at halftime.

Stefano Secci & Luca Cudrano – Vastness

Stefano Secci & Luca Cudrano have written an ambient masterpiece with "Vastness". For sure a certain liking for the 80ies shows here and it may as well even carry more of that experimental quality we get from the late 60ies which prevails here and have made the track so interesting.

Hassan Abou Alam – Kindling

Hassan Abou Alam who lives close to Giza/Egypt returns with "Kindling" to Traum. He has written again a wonderful composition, very simplistic very touching.

Different Room - Ode To A Friend

Different Room are Oddvar und Rafael Milatz. With "Ode To A Friend" they present a perfect follow up to Hassan Abou Alam, very mild and soothing and emotionally tight it glides though the night.

Greyskale - Don’t Tell Me

Greyskale open up the second half of Tour De Traum XIV with "Don’t Tell Me". The track has a certain quietness that expresses vastness. It does make use of some acceleration and what seems like a constant build up and therefore is quite clubby.

Crazy Sonic – Carinthia

Austrian artist Crazy Sonic is known to many who have djed in Vienna especially in the FLEX. With "Carinthia" he has created a nostalgic feeling of what techno used to stand for, wonderfully hypnotic and simplistic.

Cabriolet Paris pres. Nightfall - La Puntilla

Cabriolet Paris pres. Nightfall shows with "La Puntilla" great knowledge of the psyche by changing the hedonistic melody just about enough to keep the euphoria alive.


BECK AND RIUS favor with "Atacama" the understatement and the authentic direct appeal of sound. Their track is very good in the way that it works with a curbed sensation.

Analog Context – Unidentified

Analog Context brings together a nice repetitive sequences which is constantly enhanced with likeminded sounds and so creates a gentle shift of perspective.

Mt Axel - Feel The Sun

Mt Axel creates waves of sounds, it is a constant coming and going and when the melody hits in it reminds us of The Cure… one of our favorite bands all-time.

Enell Fer - Errance Enneigée

Enell Fer breaks the hypnotic intense techno beat and instead offers a fantastic open environment of sounds that allows us to challenge our imagination of how he manages to avoid all these diverse elements to drift apart? The question is answered within a minute… nothing will change only your perspective as a listener. Good point!

Luka Sambe & Filter Bear - Close To Home

Luka Sambe & Filter Bear have both released on Tour De Traum in the past. This is their first collaboration on our label. "Close To Home" is very mild and carries an almost Asian approach to music. But is is also very Western in the way that the composition is very jazzy, very lively... almost played live.

BSLC - Space Cowboys feat. Domi & The Fitness

Montreal producer and sound artist Jerome Guilleaume who has already acquired a solid reputation as one half of the duo The Gulf Stream and who has played at Mutek under his new alter ego BSLC has teamed up with Domi and The Fitness for this soulful experimental piece of vocal house music which he says is inspired by science, and more specifically, mathematics. Enjoy.

Holly North – Armon

Holly North is still very young and at the beginning but with some serious musical background he aims at playing his music live in the future. With "Armon" he presents something deeply personal and a moody track with a fine undercurrent of drama & suspense.

Sunspot (NL) – Together

Dutch act Sunspot (NL) contributes with "Together" a mild and gentle flow of airy and floating sounds that seems to evolve effortless.

Kachelly - Shumer

Kachelly offers with "Shumer" a ballad, a poetic melodic piece of cinematic music that is powerful and deep dwelling.

Weird Sounding Dude - Mystic Circle

We welcome back Weird Sounding Dude with the track "Mystic Circle". His piece of music is indeed a highly spiritual and visionary one and quite breathtaking when it breaks down and gets dramatically quiet. But judge for yourself.

DeSon - Time Travel

With "Time Travel" DeSon sets a dubby and moody chord driven track loose that achieves that unique feeling of timelessness.

Jan Bora, Marco Madia – Anticipate

Jan Bora and Marco Madia have recorded with "Anticipate" a cinematic song with orchestral elements that unfolds more and more throughout its composition offering great euphoric moments as well as moments of contemplation.

Two Suspects – Periost

Two Suspects make no detours but aim with "Periost" at the dance floor. Generating a captivating continuity of sequences that are the motor for their track. They show a great deal of insight in the way they change the sequences and break them up.

Hollywood Jack & Just @MI – Nocturne

Hollywood Jack & Just @MI introduce "Nocturne" to us. An epic choreography showing multiple facets of melodic electronic music, very intense in the way it closes down on you.

Mark Kunoff – Storms

We welcome back Mark Kunoff on Tour De Traum with his track "Storms". Mark’s vocals are again thrilling and the peyote feeling in this track is magnetizing.

Pycard – Melancholia

With "Melancholia" Pycard paints a picture with overwhelming, mighty and electric melodies. He hints at Krautrock’s best moments or at what the Italian’s call "cosmic music".

88Dubs - AHA Effect

88Dubs shows with "AHA Effect" an impressive and unbelievable development in his composition. It is one of the rare tracks where you don´t understand how someone can manage to keep control with all of these changes and new elements being added and not loose the red thread here. Incredible!

Gians - Biocentrism Textures

Gians contributes one of the very few ambient pieces with "Biocentrism Textures" on this Tour De Traum. It is a marvelous dramatic and sonic composition. If you liked the early Pink Floyd releases, make sure to listen to "Biocentrism Textures".

Dovim - Body Fossils

Dovim released "Body Fossils" with us in 2017 as part of a full length EP. It is a favorite of ours and since we will always join past and presence we stay true to our philosophy and include this amazing contribution by classically trained musician Dovim.

Beatamines, Johan Mila – Esperanza

Beatamines and Johan Mila have written an energetic dance floor track with the name of "Esperanza" that places strong melodies in an environment of driving beats and accelerating percussion.

Medular ft. Arielf - From The Great Fire

Medular ft. Arielf from Mexico are very skillfully joining crass sound manipulation with continuos patterns here with their contribution: "From The Great Fire". Unique and very good are their spiritual passages hence traditional melodies which pop up and join the fractured sounds.

Vily Vinilo - Just Another Parade

The Spanish producer Vily Vinilo based in Dubai is a master at arranging and layering multiple sound channels and thereby creating an exciting polyrythmic and ghostly quality.

Masahiko Inui - Near Collapse

If you are familiar with Tour De Traum you will know the Japanese artist Masahiko Inui. This time he creates a perfect wall of sound with his song: "Near Collapse" that might reminds some of you of the early Aphex Twin period and the period in general at that time.

Release date:                                                            01. December 2017


  1. KEPLER - Planet Nine Was Minor
  2. Ben Haviour - Live Wire
  3. Brid & Snyder – RAMP
  4. Damian Rausch - In Space
  5. Joel Forsberg - Eko Av Skuggor
  6. Roger van Lunteren – EOY
  7. Elad Perez – Tanzania
  8. Mario Hammer & STIQ – Extrawunsch
  9. Dominik Eulberg & Essáy - Dream Machine
10. Nasca – Spring
11. Musson - Therapy Session
12. Groj - Found A Fool
13. Floyd Hoogendijk - Landing Bolts
14. The Meteors Project – Dubbed
15. Optide - Off Shore
16. Airbus Modular – Exosphere
17. Riamiwo – Diffusynapsis
18. Mitja&Daniel Mes - Just In Case
19. Monoplate - Space Junk
20. blaktone - Saturn Jazz
21. Pavel Kosmonaut – Komet
22. Vincenzo Ciotoli - Purple Drone
23. De Kraken - Drops Of Faith
24. Fat Cosmoe – Cosmolita
25. Darken - The Only Constant
26. Unfug – Gezeitenkraft
27. Stefano Secci & Luca Cudrano – Vastness
28. Hassan Abou Alam – Kindling
29. Different Room - Ode To A Friend

30. Greyskale - Don’t Tell Me
31. Crazy Sonic – Carinthia
32. Cabriolet Paris pres. Nightfall - La Puntilla
33. BECK AND RIUS – Atacama
34. Analog Context – Unidentified
35. Mt Axel - Feel The Sun
36. Enell Fer - Errance Enneigée
37. Luka Sambe & Filter Bear - Close To Home
38. BSLC - Space Cowboys feat. Domi & The Fitness
39. Holly North – Armon
40. Sunspot (NL) – Together
41. Kachelly - Shumer
42. Weird Sounding Dude - Mystic Circle
43. DeSon - Time Travel
44. Jan Bora, Marco Madia – Anticipate
45. Two Suspects – Periost
46. Hollywood Jack & Just @MI – Nocturne
47. Mark Kunoff – Storms
48. Pycard – Melancholia
49. 88Dubs - AHA Effect
50. Gians - Biocentrism Textures
51. Dovim - Body Fossils
52. Beatamines, Johan Mila – Esperanza
53. Medular ft. Arielf - From The Great Fire
54. Vily Vinilo - Just Another Parade
55. Masahiko Inui - Near Collapse

56. Tour De Traum XIV Pt 1 Mixed by Riley Reinhold (Track 1 - 29)
57. Tour De Traum XIV Pt 2 Mixed by Riley Reinhold (Track 30 - 56)