Various Artists - Tour De Traum XXI - Traum CDDig 48

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Welcome to a new journey of Tour De Traum!

The Tour de Traum series never sleeps - it picks up traces of "unheard voices" and uncovers them for us. So it happens that Traum honcho Riley Reinhold has selected 52 tracks including a lot of new faces alongside some of the Traum stalwarts.

"Mainwiesen" by fran&co

The release kicks of with „Mainwiesen“ by fran&co which sounds in the beginning a bit proggy comparable to The Alan Parsons Project but then undergoes a magic change towards a more lighthearted uplifting track with a huge potential of being picked up by people. We can see the collective spirit manifest in this track!

"Acid Heartbeat (feat. Ceci Roan)" by Beatune

With the next track acid baseline which moves in wave patterns... the Berlin base Beatune though might no see any resemblance here but rather sees the association of the heart beat as his centre interest. He has written this transcendent piece of techno "Acid Heartbeat" featuring vocals from Ceci Roan with very dreamy and hypnotic quality.

"Lichtprobe" by Max Kuffel

Max Kuffel joins Tour De Traum again this time with "Lichtprobe" an unreleased track that holds all the qualities of his fantastic foreboding tracks from the past. If you don’t know him check him out!

"Fly Boy" by Tonelab

Tonelab conquers our hearts with "Fly Boy" which conjures up early rave moments but places them in a much deeper context, creating the comfort zone for the people of now.

"Inside Of Earth" by GeoGeniK

GeoGeniK returns to Traum with the new track "Inside Of Earth" and shows again this classy approach of creating time and space in a wonderful equation with wailing and twisted sounds.

"Coria" by ROWA, Sanoi

"Coria" by ROWA & Sanoi we include here because it is such a cool track, it deserves some double exposure which we are glad to provide here. For all of you who don’t know the artists, they form a perfect alliance in which composed music and spontaneity both find their perfect spots. away“.

"Tide" by Melody Stranger, Aves Volare

For all of you who like Depeche Mode listen to Melody Stranger & Aves Volare’s track "Tide" and see if you understand this comparison. This track is emotion pure with the vocals of Aves Volare making it so special. This is an amazing track. Aves Volare has sung on some top tracks in the past in the underground club scene.

"Aufbruch" by Christian Schwarz

Christian Schwarz captures a disco feel with with his walking baseline "Aufbruch". The track is somehow loosely knitted but still manages to build up some kind of disco frenzy however in a more sublime way, building up the tension with a lot of patience and steadiness. It also keeps a jazzy side with a „Rider of the storm“ equation which is very cool.

"Irrwisch" by Gregor Klamra

With "Irrwisch“ Hamburg based Gregor Klamra has written a moody house tune, melancholic and cinematic like. It retains a formal playfulness, yet it has a strong impact and it gives life to a poetic imaginary.

"Changes" by knocks on your door with his sensual deep track "Changes". The tracks accelerating sequences meet the dreamy / slow motion side of his. All resulting in a cool moody track that performs in perfect harmony. Expect to hear from him on Traum.

"Wulfmonath" by Collate

Collate injects techno strength and 303 slides into the wonderful dreamy but haunting world of "Wulfmonath". It evokes at certain passages memories of Laurent Garnier’s "Acid Eiffel" which we like very much.

"Floating Cells" by METRØM

The Mexican artist METRØM writes music left and right off the dance floor and his composing skill shows here in a big way when moods clash and the silence lurks through the holes to make the track an epic adventure. Music that sticks to your soul.

"Colibri" by Jim Schwindel

Jim Schwindel from France has written a really sick minimalist techno tune with a KNARZ-FUNK attitude and melodies to surface later which are fantastic. The combination is outstanding and will surprise you.

"Fønvind" by Øyvind

"Fønvind" by Øyvind was released on his last EP with us and has been a bit of a favorite of ours. So we are giving it a double exposure here, we bet you can relate to it.

"Dividido" by Umo Fracto

The Amsterdam based artist Umo Fracto releases with "Dividido" a track that captures the deeper and gentle side of early English rave music era as we know it from 808 State’s "Pacific State" or DJum DJum. Dreamy and totally detached in a positive way!

"Sirens" by Jahn Solo

We jump onto another level with Jahn Solo’s track "Sirens" firing shouts of euphoria towards us with so much joy and liveliness... it is nothing but a seduction on a big scale!

"Underpressure" by Thyladomid

The Traum bus stops at Thyladomid’s track "Underpressure" a voodoo track of no comparison which was released on his last EP but which had to be on the Tour bus.

"Taubenflug" by Carsten Halm

For all of you who do not know Carsten Halm, he has been a DJ for quite some while and then went into producing. He has just released his 3rd EP for us this track has been taken from his first EP and was one of the strongest he has released with a lot of praise from the fans.

"The Start" by Maor Azulay

This downtempo track "The Start" by Maor Azulay is a unique bass heavy, well sophisticated melange of different styles coming together. Electro beats, easy listening, techno all blended in a magic way. A listening experience!

"Rainy Day" by Frasseck & Freitag

Frasseck & Freitag deliver a lighthearted deep house track with a good natured vibe that can carry you through difficult times. Elegant progression and a flow of classic chords, all executed in a very nice way.

"Fugu" by Uppah, Pause

Uppah & Pause have released before on Tour De Traum and their quality never lets you down. "Fugu" starts as an ambient track and makes its way into a steady beat never loosing the electronic edge. The track is quite a revelation and will appear also in the dj mix.

"Soft Chaos" by Aaron Hedges

Berlin based Aaron Hedges surprised us with his track "Soft Chaos". We think this is a genre defying track because it carries easy listening elements, soundtrack elements, house elements in a vintage style, and disco elements. Imagine the brilliant Alexander Robotnick at his best with a bit more off a cozy edge and you got it.

"Round Lantern" by Raphael Danilo

Raphael Danilo’s song "Round Lantern" starts with acoustic elements before it throws itself into a fantastic colored & dreamlike organic house world. This track is so full of emotion it can hardly handle it.

"Disco Cielo" by 1STR1C3

The artists with the name 1STR1C3 sent us his track "" and conquered our hearts with a soulful acoustic soundscape of spiritual disco. All is airy here and light.

"Space Fever" by Life in Bassment

Life in Bassment with his track "Space Fever" which is not very remote from his previous track but expresses itself more through a jazzy, loose but also tight composition of seemingly hand played percussions and sounds. For all of you who liked the "Super Discount" series by Étienne de Crécy, this track will be interesting.

"Snatched Away" by Dangur & Tomer

Dangur & Tomer contribute with "Snatched Away" a deep melodic piece of left field music with lush vocals and a lot of fantastic moments lined up.

"Normality" by Kettenreaktion

Kettenreaktion has been releasing on smaller labels so far and features with "Normality" something unusual, we find here a nice blend of dub reverbs and techno directness. The dramatic side then is the one that pulls you into the track and makes it all worthwhile.

"Hiraeth" by Magic Panda

Magic Panda was supported in the past by BBC Radio 6, Max Cooper, Xlr8r and more. His track "Hiraeth" shows that a wealth of genres he has been touched when he grabs genres by the neck and twists them to to get the best out of them. The track is a voyage through different stages of euphoria and is a true tour de force.

"Inner Turmoil" by Frezel

Frezel has been on Tour De Traum before and we are happy to have him back. His track "Inner Turmoil" is very much what the title reveals, a constant expansion and contraction, a scramble of sounds that build up that nervous energy and motions we don’t want to miss when we dance to melodic techno music.

"SEM" by Extrawelt

No need to introduce the next artist. Extrawelt are renown for their own techno language and their track "SEM" was among the most popular of their recent tracks on Traum with the fans and radio stations.

"Kitchen Stories" by Greene

Greene’s "Kitchen Stories" sounds like a story told a long time ago that can still captivate the audience. Passion and desperation accompanying each other shoulder by shoulder in a struggle for a better place.

"World Beyond" by The Wise Thinker

We welcome back The Wise Thinker with his romantic-melancholic techno track "World Beyond". Anthony Blanc is here featuring a cacophony of sounds to establish an intense listening experience.

"Weltraumrennen" by Álvaro Pastore

Álvaro Pastore’s track "Weltraumrennen" reminds us at times of The Cure with its dark beautiful baselines. Check out this track.

"Carmen" by Adi Dassler

Adi Dassler performs a straight to the core DJ club track with a slight note of melody. The physicality of his beats is the deterring factor off this track.

"Olas" by Marcovits

Marcovits returns to Tour De Traum with his new tracks "Olas". Expect nothing less than elegant melodic techno with a lot of played synths and a great flow.

"Roses" by Around Us, Reyul Mather

The Dutch American duo consisting off Around Us and Reyul Mather who have written a clubby deep house tune with strong percussion. Expect light hearted melodic road trip music to wiggle and dance to.

"Charont" by Alobster

Alobster from Copenhagen has contributed a beautiful AIR like piece of indie-ambient music with vocals and hand played instruments that is just magic.

"Apollo" by Cortexmaltex

Cortexmaltex released his first solo EP on Traum and has been constantly contributed to Tour De Traum, so we think also "Apollo" is a great one to have on Tour De Traum and show all his compositional skills people heard on his EP.

"Summer" by Nasca

French artist Nasca returns to Tour De Traum with the crossover track "Summer" that combines elements and sounds from different decades to create epic disco-house!

"Ranunkel" by Pak Sota

Pak Sota reappears with his new melodic techno track "Ranunkel". The repetitive minimalist approach works very well in this track. Once you get hooked the track manages to work with the few changes there are.

"Ranunkel" by Cortexmaltex

Pak Sota reappears with his new melodic techno track "Ranunkel". The repetitive minimalist approach works very well in this track. Once you get hooked the track manages to work with the few changes there are.

"Rugged Heart" by Parallel Preservation

The New York artist Parallel Preservation presents with "Rugged Heart", as the only artists on this compilation, a minimalist acid track with moody cinematic dreamlike melodies that come in waves.

"Ymir" by Pavel Kosmonaut

Pavel Kosmonaut returns to Tour De Traum with "Ymir". Slashing snares, powerful drums, a certain indie appeal fuse into a gem of a melodic techno track.

"Kivik" by Datacustic

Datacustic from the north of Germany demonstrates how to write a deep acoustic sounding house tune that goes under your skin.

"Ancora" by FromVostòk

FromVostòk delivers a track which moves as things move through space. A track in slow motion with a touch of early The Human League.

"This One Goes Out To Vienna" by RAUB

RAUB return with a new tune called: "This One Goes Out To Vienna". The slow beat tune with exceptionally spacious arrangement and sound can cool down any moment.

"An Afternoon In Hattusha" by Ümit Han

Ümit Han who has contributed ambient music to several Tour De Traum releases has his newest invention here exposed. Fell free to dive into his world.

"Another Sleazy Jive" by Peter F. Spiess

Peter F. Spiess delivers with "Another Sleazy Jive" what we accounts as an untypical track for himself. The jazzy track has lots of funk and a cool flow.

"Stray From The Path" by Subtractive

American artist Subtractive releases with "Stray From The Path" a piece of minimal techno with a spiritual mood where he zooms into sound bits and patterns that are funky and fast paced.

"Metanoia" by Arkii & Liquid Memoirs

Arkii & Liquid Memoirs are two artists from India who have written with "Metanoia" a New Age track. A track you might want to hear in documentaries about kite flying. This track is super relaxing.

"Aether" by Minlab

Minlab presents with "Aether" a sound experiment with NASA footage and Jimi Hendrix like guitars which slowly transforms in something else. Hear for yourself.

"The Ghost Dancer" by Andy Moon, Cockpitcrew

Andy Moon has finished a track for us last minute called "The Ghost Dancer" and digs deeps deep into the German soul of meditative music. Here he connects his alias Cockpitcrew with his techno project Andy Moon.

"Erosion" by Querzan

Querzan closes our Tour De Traum XXI with his track "Erosion". The London based artist has written a cool noise anthem with laser-guns and organ chords all very tight and to the point. People have said about the Aphex Twin that listening to recent concerts of his, feels like a catharsis. We feel the same when we listen to this track.

Release Date:                                                                        09. July 2021