Various Artists - Tour De Traum XXII - Traum CDDig 49

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Welcome to the new Tour De Traum XXII!

Traum looks forward to the next chapter in its illustrious history, by continuing to serve up the freshest producers alongside cherished household names.

Tour De Traum XXII is about honoring the origins but is even more about embracing the now.

Over a period of 6 months Riley Reinhold has handpicked artists from all over the world among them a 14 year old musician with the name of Ynthenn.

Expect nothing less than the high quality the Tour De Traum series is known for.

Luden - Sweet Dream

Luden’s track "Sweet Dream" strokes you gently with its loungy vocal house that melts like sugar in a hurricane. The Japanese artist has been able to build up a following for his unique lightness in sound on Spotify. But remains still a voice of the underground writing music for the people who know. Here we feature a brand new unreleased track of his that is peaceful and poetic and imaginative. His vocals add a romantic side.

Davidovitch - Visionesque

Davidovitch returns to Tour De Traum again with his track "Visionesque" which shows a nice blend of lush and organic sounds on a funky programmed beat. All seems to be played by hand creating that hypnotic state that makes this track so special.

Anerøb – Innerversion

Anerøb has been part of the German techno scene since the early days when he started producing music at the age of 17. "Innerversion" is his first attempt to release on a label and we are happy he picked us. His track shows how he has inhaled the essence of electronic dance music and converted it in his own way. "Innerversion" is a dramatic tale that builds up a strong connection with the dancer. The balance of information and the spiritual side work hand in hand to create a fantastic experience. File under melodic techno!

ANDATA – Unsterblich

The Hamburg based duo have written quite an anthem with their track "Unsterblich". The track has a high rave quality that can feed any hungry collective spirit out there. Expect to hear that track on dance-floors!

End Of Twins - Perfect Sky

End Of Twins have just released "Lovers" with Dynamic and release "Perfect Sky" her with us. The duo has written a fantastic vocal track expressing a modern indie feel where happiness and sadness constantly changes position. We expect them to climb the ladder in the music world.

Forest People - A Curtain For The Paradise Behind

"A Curtain For The Paradise Behind" by Forest People is a bass heavy melodic techno track with mighty synth chords shaping a colorful and mighty musical scenario that triggers peaks of drama feeding your own imagination in a skillful way.

James Harcourt - Pruina

James Harcourt has already released two EPs with us. "Pruina" is an unreleased track that puts things in a gentle way as the progression slowly develops step by step to build up a tickling tension. Hypnotizing and deep!

Garden State - Evenor

The duo from Hamburg is on its way climbing up the popularity ladder. We are happy to contribute to feature them at an early stage on Traum with their track "Evenor". The melodic techno & house genre is their home. The composition of sound and the flow at which stages which sound is introduced is breathtaking. Garden State hit the right buttons of contemporary melodic dance music which is emotional and shows great progression. "Evenor" is a remarkable voyage and last but not least an absorbing trip .Be sure to hear more from them in the future.

Rob Clouth - Cloud Complex (Max Cooper Remix)

We feature here the track "Cloud Complex" by Welsh artist Rob Clouth in a Max Copper remix which we released back in 2012 . Rob Clouth is the mastermind behind Vaetxh, Dr:kid and has recently released on Max Cooper’s own imprint.

Guy Gordon - Exodus

With "Exodus" upcoming artist Guy Gordon has written a track that is capable of creating a unique deep techno vibe with a simplistic set up. The production is very nice and on top the imagination in "Exodus" will attract a lot of dancers. Introspective energy makes this a great tune in the field of melodic techno.

7IAN7 - Breach 2077

"Breach 2077" has an explosive intro that keeps assembling energy from different introspective sources and when the percussion enters you will know the dance-floor will be entered. This is powerful melodic techno with a lot of sophistication and passion. How all these elements have been woven together is just pure magicians work. A huge track for the mind and the feet! A track you want to play to people!

Deep In Calm - Dream Hacker

Deep In Calm returns to Traum after being played 700 000 times with a previous Tour De Traum track and puts forward his newest invention called "Dream Hacker" a deep imaginative downbeat house track with a lot of moody chill-out quality that gently lingers on in your mind.

Frasseck & Freitag - Trip De France

Frasseck & Freitag return to Tour De Traum with their brand new track "Trip De France". It brings different styles together in a very skillful way and their funky groove is nothing less than addictive.

Sandburgen - Zentrifuge In Ah Moll

Sandburgen returns to Tour De Traum with his deep soulful voyage " Zentrifuge In Ah Moll". Balearic atmospheric house in the footsteps of Traum artists like Olaf Stuut.

Sebastian Fleischer - Driving Arps

Sebastian Fleischer supplies us with his new track "Driving Arps" that starts in a minimalist fashion but then dives deep into lush synth sounds to create a private and intimate form of house music. – Lullaby has recently released on Traum and this new unreleased track "Lullaby" connects nicely to that style of his. As the title conveys it is very comforting and lovely. But don't think this track does not have some dance appeal. It does work very well on an intimate dance floor.

Chris-t & Matu - Saturn

The duo has written a spiritual melodic techno tune quite organic and hypnotic. The organ chords provide the track with a strong deep feeling which fits very well to the name of the title "Saturn".

Jaksa Pavicevic - Kukutebee

Jaksa Pavicevic introduces with "Kukutebee" a well crafted melodic & hypnotic piece of music that is extremely insightful and observant. The passionate way he tells tells the story is incredible.

Sonimun - Friendly Alterations

The Cologne producer Sonimun also know through his other project name Numinos returns to Tour De Traum with "Friendly Alterations". Defying the existing genres this fabulous piece of music can be anything from nu disco to electronica. The voyage and the endless twists are fantastic and nothing you can retell in words. Oh... we just heard a 303 sneaking in as well. Please listen.

PatriceVanDenBerg - Floating High

PatriceVanDenBerg rejoins us again with a very relaxed chilled out dub techno track called "Floating High". Feel enchanted by cool reverbs and nice spacious passages!

Parra for Cuva - Veiled In Blue

We feature here a classic on Traum by Parra for Cuva from his EP which we released in 2014. The same titled track "Veiled In Blue" is an introspective and self-examining, a piece of composed music which could describe a sensual situation that takes place in a well protected and sheltered world. Maybe a tiny room in the attic or a groomed world where every single element is chosen carefully. Parra for Cuva has written here a charming tale, picturesque and captivating.

mniAlexander - Break Of Day

mniAlexander has written with "Break Of Day" a melodic techno track with a long epic build up. An intro that paves the path for the beats to come to create quite a journey.

Uccelli - Front Door

Uccelli contributes his new track "Front Door". A melodic track with a lot of understatement channeling the tension gently through the composition resulting in a hypnotic state.

We Need Cracks - Signals

We feature here on of the great tracks of our past by the French duo We Need Cracks who have split up some years ago. "Signals" is one of their biggest hits with over 79 000

Be High - Acid Trip

Be High’s track "Acid Trip" creates a good vibe and is something you can appreciate because of the immortal essential feelings it evokes. So when the 303 starts cooing at halftime it creates a comfort zone you won’t want to miss.

Ynthenn - Wednesday

Ynthenn is a 14 year old (!) musician who has written the track "Wednesday". This soulful piece of electronica has a fantastic compositional progression breathing through a chain compressed sound and opening up for other fine sounds and moods to come. This track virtually winds its way through different stages to skillfully connect to its loose ends.

Daniel Eyrich - Ein Blauer Tag Am Meer

Daniel Eyrich presents with "Ein Blauer Tag Am Meer" a piece of deep house music with a very strong private and introvert note.

Call Of Beauty - Signal

"Signal" is a perfect wake up call, very energetic and revitalizing. Minimalist melodic techno, simplistic and to the point.

Maor Azulay – We Need Some

Maor Azulay returns to Tour De Traum with a nice melancholic downbeat track called "We Need Some". The track manifests a longing feeling as well as angriness.

Max Kuffel - Flimmerscheibe

Max Kuffel presents with "Flimmerscheibe" a deep techno track that has the haunting cinematic quality comparable to the soundtrack of Manchesters crime series "Scott & Bailey"

Marcovits - Pendulum

Marcovits returns with "Pendulum" to Tour De Traum. His newest track is a melodramatic and cinematic track and connects to the cool tracks he has released for us in the past.

Ascet - Core

The mood of the track by Ascet fits very well to the chosen track title "Core". This is mystical techno music with melodies that play hide and seek with you behind icebergs and glaciers. Sometimes sinister sometimes showing a glimpse of hope... this is cinematic techno on a high level.

Olaf Stuut - Spirograph (Aparde Remix)

We include here a classic on Traum by Olaf Stuut we released in 2015. Olaf Stuut is a versatile person playing multiple instruments and who draws inspiration from a wide spectrum of genres like jazz, funk and rock music. Berlin’s Aparde remixed "Spirograph" and has removed all funky irritation to replace it with a soothing almost ambient feel that moves beat wise on a cats paw, cautiously but with continuity towards a place that we have never seen and which he will open up for a split second. The longer the track runs the more addictive it gets! This is slo-mo sexiness at its best.

Raphael Danilo - Little Bean

Raphael Danilo has written with "Little Bean" a bloomy epic electronic soundtrack. Very colorful and full on!

Ümit Han - Aber Meine Liebe Nicht

Ümit Han contributes with "Aber Meine Liebe Nicht" another ambient-electronic tune showing classy German roots ranging from Kraftwerk to Krautrock. The track is based on poem by Friedrich Schillers "Hektors Abschied" and is created solemnly with analog machines. It carries a farewell mood in an extensive version which drops into a dramatic final chapter.

Gregor Klamra - Pockets

Gregor Klamra puts forward his new track "Pockets" a track that switches from a minimalist "ghostly" feeling to a more uplifting melodic techno style showing a lot of skill and diversity in the way he changes the moods.

Ron Flatter - Shelby

Following "Mantequilla" Ron Flatter wrote a superb euphoric and joyous anthem of a song again with "Shelby" in 2016. "Shelby" can carry you on hands but can also provide shelter. Ron shows a hell of a lot of knowledge for club music that can unite people. The collective spirit and positiveness are the key and the heart of this track and we can see "Shelby" working wonders on open airs and clubs around the world.

Himy Vana - Thunder Rush

French producer Himy Vana combines a powerhouse production with musicality he expresses though soulful played piano and synths. Himy Vana manages to shape an intensity which is hard to escape keeping the energy level up till the very end.

Parallel Preservation - The Last Stand

The American artist Parallel Preservation releases with "The Last Stand" the second track on Tour De Traum. The track blends dance music with an epic soundtrack as this is a deep interest of his.

Alvaro Pastore - Booming Colours

Alvaro Pastore’s "Booming Colours" is a fantastic track that carries a note of the darker side of the UKs 80ies new wave... but don' 't misunderstand us, it is still melodic techno but with all the liveliness and composition skills that indie music is known for.

RAUB - Dreaming Bee Free

RAUB returns to Tour De Traum with this fantastic downbeat/electronica track "Dreaming Bee Free". A unique track that follows the footsteps of artists such as early Wagon Christ aka Luke Vibert. Breathtaking soundscapes and a cool groove!

Vanity In Mind - I Will Show You Eternity

The Swedish producer Vanity In Mind has been contributing to Tour De Traum for a while. This is his newest track called: "I Will Show You Eternity". Expressing vastness and images of eternal quality in combination with a certain mysticism you can virtually feel a new age coming.

Peter F. Spieß - Particles Of Interest

Peter F. Spieß "Particles Of Interest" is the result of a project in which the whole track is only played by machines with no computer. So the track is a one-take. Enjoy the raw vintage Detroit techno style with 303!

Pak Sota - Violets

Pak Sota returns to Tour De Traum with his atmospheric dub techno track "Violets". The comforting vibe has a nice quality.

Bukaddor & Fishbeck - Mantikor

We include here "Mantikor" a classic by Bukaddor & Fishbeck released with us in 2008 which we think is designed to withstand the test of time. The track expresses a feeling as if one was dancing on a volcano. Under the

Sabas - Comparison

The Georgian artist releases under the name of Sabas his Comparison with us. Fantastic mood changes and dynamic progression make it irresistible.

Schiuza - Sweet Is The Night

Schiuza has written with "Sweet Is The Night" a transcendental groover with small melodies to wriggle around keeping a constant flow of sound.

Tom Samit - Transcendence

Tom Samit’s "Transcendence" is good natured joyous Balearic tune with lots of rock candy sweetness in its melodies.

Rei - Vaguely

The Japanese artist Rei writes abstract soundscapes. His track "Vaguely" expresses this electro acoustic quality in depth including a steady beat.

Release Date:                                                              03. December 2021