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Welcome to the new Tour De Traum XXIII!

Welcome to the 23rd edition of Tour De Traum featuring artists who have been with the series releasing exclusively here already, some established big names from Traum and new discoveries all curated by Riley Reinhold.

Tour De Traum covers genres from melodic techno, melodic house, electronica to ambient music and a lot of sub-genres, so make sure you look into all of them.

Beatune - Burning Clouds

The French artist based in Berlin has written an uplifting & merry summer tune to kick off the Tour De Traum XXIII. Expect a lot of joy to come from this track that fits perfectly to the summer season.

Gru Jaiman - Grown The Seed

Born in Cyprus, Gru moved to London at the age of 20 where he started his DJ'ing career and had a memorable performance at the Ministry of Sound. He is a dedicated musician releasing his second track with us. "Grown The Seed" is a track that offers a fine blend of post Detroit and psychedelic sounds and is definitive a track to make people dance.

No Point - Marille

The Cologne based producer has had an early career in Hamburg already with gigs throughout Europe. No Point is his new project featuring an amazing sound design, funky and ear catching leads, coupled with sophisticated arrangement nuances. This all makes "Marille" a unique dance-floor journey.

Giorgio Vergani - Vocation

Having released on Natura Viva Black his track for Traum goes in a different direction. Giorgio Vergani shows traces of a Morricone greatness combined with a sweet sense of suspense and emotion that is innovative and special.

Alvaro Pastore - Next Dimension

Alvaro’s track "Next Dimension" is minimal without being boring, trippy without being predictable and certainly unafraid of constructing a melodic complexity!

Jędrzej Krawczyk - 25

Formerly known as TOJK Jędrzej Krawczyk releases his second track with us. His style can be described as artistically close to Rob Clouth and Max Cooper. Electronic innovative compositions, daring and never off the shelf. "25" is a track with a fabulous mood change. Kicking off with a long passage of heavy moving beats and an eruptive change to euphoric melodies which makes it an emotional headbanger.

Andy Moon - Drama Lama

The German producer has released with us several times on Tour De Traum. This time he takes a giant stride to present his newest production which outlines a spacious and huge sound cosmos that triggers a lot of "AHHHs" and "OHHHs". You will get lost in the course of the track!

Frank Hopkins - The Water Knife (feat. Simon Hopkins)

The UK producers track for Traum correlates with the more abstract side of Dominik Eulberg, Max Cooper, Rob Clouth and Marlon Jarek. Airy and heavenly sounds circulate and cross each others paths in a magic way. Expect a phantastic voyage romantic and full of colors. fantastic

Ariose - Untold

The Scottish producer duo Harry Parker & Sean Liddle have been featured on a Tour De Traum a long time ago. We are happy to see them return with a deep house tune full of sentiments for a soulful voyage.

Teho – Woody

Teho has release several EPs with us and it was his track "Woody" that really created quite a stir in the melodic techno community so if you do not know the tune it is worth checking out.

James Harcourt – Sensurround

We discovered James Harcourt last year and since then have released 2 EP and an extra track from him . Since then he has been getting more attention and fans in the scene. "Sensurround" is among our favorites so we included it here.

Frasseck & Freitag - Jumper (feat. Aves Volare)

After releasing on a previous Tour De Traum as well a full lengthen solo on Traum the duo return with a what seems to be a rather dark techno tune, which suddenly changes its course to connect to their dubby techno house style they have developed for themselves featuring the singer Aves Volare.

Igor Obaranchuk - Meru

Igor Obaranchuk takes us on a fantastic voyage into the 80ies Italy disco era with a touch of Alexander Robotnik electro dance impact making his track more alien and surreal.

Gregor Klamra - Flux

Returning to Traum with a silent and introvert piece of electronic house music, this track has a transcendental quality to it. "Flux" is detached and in a way unworldly melodic.

Frequenzy Alchemyst & Sailormoon Johnson - Zeitenwende

Each of these two artists has been active in the electronic music scene for over 25 years and has recorded and played music internationally. Both pursued the same goal and found out on New Year's Eve that they harmonize perfectly in the studio. And the result can be felt in their first joint single track called "Zeitenwende" which appears here on Tour De Traum. This is a track for those who like to be guided by frequencies and people who like the melodrama in music as this track is a fantastic soundtrack for a movies last sequence, a good bye sequence.

Bock & Fuchs - Stethoscope

The Berlin based Bock & Fuchs who has recorded a solo EP for Traum in the past has written a more subtle track here. Shifting perspectives on one mayor theme, it is exciting to witness how he manages to create the track. A great minimalist tune with micro changes that makes it all worthwhile.

Harada - Play Twice

The Cologne veterans track "Play Twice" lives from its compositional minimalist diet, that makes the appearing melody even more striking. This is old school emotional house that can still stroke your feelings and feels good to have on Tour De Traum.

Permanent - New Routine

"New Routine" is a reflection of the changes in Permanent’s life. Transition and strength from a new passage in life in which there is some new inevitable stability. There are a lot of details in this track and there is not only one genre you can pin it down too. Instead it is different genres such as deep house meeting industrial FX sound, meets dub, meets techno... one might call this a wonderful multifaceted piece of music.

Jan Steiner - Ignatius von der Beat

Jan is a musician and medical doctor living on the Atlantic coast of Ireland in the seaside village of Strandhill, Co Sligo. Jan’s work as an Anesthesiologist and Intensive Care Consultant is counter-balanced by creating music inspired and informed by the wild landscapes of the Atlantic seaboard. His track "Ignatius von der Beat" is a „tribal“ piece of music with a touch of Steve Reich. It slowly turns like a world in slow-motion, giving insight into a mysterious biotope. In a way Jan Steiner tells a fairy tale on an abstract level.

Loutouse - Borboletas

Waves of synth sounds returning, cascading and then being diminished, this describes the motion of Loutouse’s deep house track. Sensitive melodic music with sources coming from various directions to create a complex and intense emotional feeling.

Paul Muaddi - Pink Lake

"Pink Lake" carries the feeling of 70ies melancholia, brittle and atmospheric but climbs the ladder to connect to the dance floor where it inflates its melodies and voices in a disco fashion.

KILE - Noy

Kile calls this piece of music atmospheric progressive chillwave! And we could not agree more on that term. Kile writes emotive heartfelt melodies, passionate sounds with a pinch of emotional ascending energy.

Hughes Giboulay - Broken Signal

French techno house & electronica DJ and producer Hughes Giboulay has written various styles of music on Soiree records Detroit, Snuff Cuts, Brique Rouge and Naeba records has written a piece of ambient downtempo music for us. It is in fact chilling & moody music with a very nice, seemingly loose unobtrusive structure.

[ MONOTONOISE ] - Zachary

[ MONOTONOISE ] are an Italian duo composed of Giancarlo "Delavie" Cagliero and Enrico "Urz" Vaudet. Both have a very lively and successful past as musician writing music in various categories. But it was in 2019 that they started to produce electronic music using an unconventional live recording system. Exactly that chemistry of an untamed live recording by two innovative souls fascinated Riley Reinhold and lead to the signing of "Zachary".

PatriceVanDenBerg - Meditation Dub

Welcome back PatriceVanDenBerg who has been a vivid contributor to Tour De Traum for some years. His new track "Meditation Dub" witnesses some exceptional soul catching moments you don’t want to miss, provided that you like dub musics meditative quality.

Roman Groschen - Die Wild Gewordene Tulpe Im Kühlschank

It is worth translation this German title, because it shows what to expect. The tracks starts with a gnarling sequential beat and turns before halftime towards pure romance. Ok maybe romance is subjective. Whatever the reason was the idea is a good one, the mood change could not be more drastic and thats what we like.

Tiree Automatic - Amorina

The Scottish duo have a strong beat going on which they seem to improvise to some agree and you wonder where this will all end. Yes this is music for people who like to be guided by sequences and are not afraid of a cosmos that will finally unfold. See the howling wolf, the breathing human, the Detroit warrior, the destiny driven drama. Whatever you do wait for the big mood change before half time it is really worth it.

Pavel Kosmonaut - Montjuic

Yes Pavel Kosmonaut is back and we really like his direct approach to music: unfiltered and off kilter! This piece of work is a bit like a great new wave track that could come from „The Creatures Of The Night“ Tuxedomoon. Cosmic!

Tonelab - Sunday Driver

Australias Tonelab returns to Tour De Traum with another epic relaxed deep house tune. This is a very nice tune for the summer, temperate and hypnotic.

Saint Martin - Skies

"Skies" provides a powerhouse of a production and therefore generates enough energy to make us dance. The track is restricted to certain parameters that can be a substantially good for DJs to rock the crowd.

Skarby - City Of Light

"City Of Light" is a disco flavored electronic cruiser that can be a life savor when driving during the night. A track that expends and grows and then shrinks to a nice silence and therefore carries that rhythmic funkiness.

Umo Fracto - Signa

Umo Fracto returns to Tour De Traum with an ascending airy sequential trippy deep house track which shows a lot of twists within its progression.

Yan-martin - H.I.D.I.N.G.B.E.A.U.T.Y

"H.I.D.I.N.G.B.E.A.U.T.Y" is a beautiful ambient piece of music classic in its melody and timeless.

RiZa - Visitors

After an absence of a few years we are happy to include RiZa again on Tour De Traum. This time he is not showing us his latest house production but a wonderful electronic track with a soundtrack quality. Melancholia rules and is counteracted with glitch & FX sounds that shows he can vitalize tracks in the fashion of Max Cooper.

Floyd Hoogendijk - Filtermelange

Artist Floyd Hoogendijk returns to Traum, with a crass mood changing track. In this tracks anything can happen and in fact it does happen. At times the track sounds almost like a jam and at other times it is so sophisticated with ist compositional elements. This is a track for electronic-wanderlust lovers!

Filip Swiniarski - Bad Juju

Maybe the only track of its kind on this release putting forward a dubby groove with ska elements and electronic FX noodelings and aphro elements creating a hypnotic dub track.

Peter F. Spieß - In Silent Rage

Peter F. Spieß’s music is recorded fully analog and will always be different to others. Listen to his slick and dubby voyage which step by step sneaks in complementary sounds.

BlackIsBeautiful - Lodos

This is a track of the act BlackIsBeautiful which was lost and got revived and remastered. The ever-changing melody and the pounding kick get accompanied by a soundtrack sequence which could easily pass as a Dr. Who soundtrack!

Chris Bernhard - With You (feat. Bärbie)

"With You (feat. Bärbie)" kicks off as an old school Chicago house track featuring atmospheric chords. The track changes a lot in the course and offers some nice melody stabs and compositional elements which make it sound like a classic.

Skylined - Technocholia

"Technocholia" is a slowly evolving hypnotic deep house track with a certain post Derrick May flavor that pulls the listeners into the world of Skylined!

Cosmic Sandwich - Add And Subtract

Some of you might have seen the message on our Instagram page: one of our core artist from the old days who recorded as Process, Cosmic Sandwich and Steve Barnes has gotten into the recording mood again. His new track "Add And Subtract" gives you a taste of what he does right now: electronica with a deep bassy note. Steve Barnes focusses on a moment in time through a romantic minimalistic lens!

Armin Kheyrdan - Transmit

"Transmit" is defined by a driving beat that at certain stages marches through dreamy landscapes and extraterrestrial sounds to create an intense listening experience.

apex - Sunbird

Thriving on a Chicago house Lil’ Louis groove, the track develops in its course and shows more bloomy chill out qualities which can be meditative!

Aaron Hedges - Naive Warehouse

Aaron Hedges returns to Tour De Traum with a strong beat and baseline forward motion which is surrounded by lively vintage synth sounds which seem to spin in space, as we know similar ones from Derrick May’s label Transmit. They mellow out at times when they re-joined by atmospheric sounds which give the track a floating quality.

7IAN7 - Space Star

Happy to have 7IAN7 on board again. Kicking off with some early The Human League humming the track soon offers multiple paths the track might enter, which unnecessary to say, builds up a great amount of tension. Try to guess what will happen next, you will not expect this progression. To say the least it is quite fantastic.

Adnan - Barasona

The Belgium artist who has been writing electronic music over the last 10 years is in his first footsteps to establish his new alias Adnan with "Barasona". He says in his wont words: „The track is based on the atmosphere around a lake in the Spanish Pyrenees (Lake Barasona) where I spent many summer holidays when I was a kid. I have great memories about this place and want to reflect the mysterious late night vibe in this piece of music“.

Parallel Preservation - Unleashed

We welcome back a producer from the USA called Parallel Preservation. "Unleashed" works with a build up. It has passages where a piano melody establishes nice quiet moments and at other times it really rips open the sky for a new color of sounds to join. The track offers a great progression and is a soulful journey.

Cockpitcrew - Amajuba Okuthula

We know classic ambient from Cockpitcrew but be aware: this track is much more electronic and dark! Fasten your seatbelts because this is quite a ride into phantastic regions.

Any Shade of Green - Annie & Dude

Any Shade of Green is the new alias of Matt Downie also know as Happy Medium under which he has released several tracks on Tour De Traum. The artist residing in Golden, British Columbia has written a track which is as experimental as it is soulful. It is pretty torn and twisted and shows a great jazzy compositional quality.

Rei - Echonic

We welcome back the Japanese producer Rei, who's track "Echonic" is a minimalist droning experience which is the only track of this kind on this compilation. The sensitive sound shaping is what deserved the full attention. Expect no stunts or rollercoaster moments but a fine subtle blend of sounds that can really go under your skin.

Ümit Han - Rheinromantik

Ümit Han has been the ambient face on a lot of Tour De Traum editions. Hear his new invention which is a result of his trip alongside the river Rhein which is most romantic.

Bek - Hidden Fear

The Hamburg based producer who has he won the Mixmag + ANTS Ibiza DJ competition with over 300 participating has delivered a late night crawler for Traum. As he says in his own words: „Production-wise I like to move between the genres. You will find trippy, dreamy deep House as well as more powerful and melodic-influenced material“.

Release Date:                                                                   15. July 2022