Various Artists - Tour De Traum XXIV - Traum CDDig 51

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Welcome to the voyage of Tour De Traum XXIV!

With the Tour De Traum XXIV we open another exciting chapter of music on Traum with tracks by new artists we selected over the last 6 months and artists who have accompanied Tour De Traum for quite some time now. You will find a lot of deep melodic techno tracks plus electronica and some down-beat music for you to enjoy. All tracks were mastered by Emanuel Geller from Salz mastering with whom we have been working hand in hand since the beginning.

Kai Meyer - Y

Kai Meyer, former Traum artist, returns to Tour De Traum after contributing „Dystopie“ and „Fliegen“ in 2016 with the track simply called „Y“. Kai stays true to his innovative written electronic dance music and offers again a lot of fascinating compositional changes in the tradition of early Max Cooper, Rob Clouth and Microtrauma.

Alin Dimitriu - Inward

Hypnotic continuation in perfection comes from Romanian producer Alin Dimitriu. His music is infused with feelings, melody and harmony and a general melancholic feel. Under his alias „Ricky Ambilotti“ tracks were charted and one even made it to #1 at Beatport been nominated as one of the 10 best artists. Alin is also an in-house sound designer for Roland Japan / Roland Cloud. His music cannot be contained or defined as the slave’ of one music genre.

Polarfunk - Titus

Polarfunk has released on a couple of smaller labels and one of his most notable tracks was licensed by Ben Böhmer in 2021. Now it is our turn with a great track of curbed euphoria shining like an unpolished diamond.

No Point - Keep Going

After his big success with his solo EP „Rediscoveries“ which made it too no1 at Beatport his new track „KeepGoing“ picks up his gift to create elevating & energetic melodic techno music with a top notch production.

Philias - The Hydrogen Line

Philias has written with „The Hydrogen Line“ a hybrid embracing different styles and fusing them, resulting in a rollercoaster of melodies. Featuring a challenging compositional quality „The Hydrogen Line“ won't leave a dry eye with the dancer & listener. Philias blends analog synthesis with field recordings. Music that works across dance floors as well as DSP (listening) playlists. The artist has been with the music industry for 10 years producing and engineering at studios such as Metropolis, The Park Studios and Sphere. He has also been signed to labels such as Perfecto Records, PIAS, Kscope and Sound Avenue.

Atelier Francesco - I Know What You Are Thinking (feat. Left of Manila)

Atelier Francisco's deep house and minimal grooves have been featured on several labels including Cocoon Recordings, Cityfox and Get Physical among others where he has already defined his style and built up a reputation. He is also involved in an electronic music production workshop exclusively for deaf and hard of hearing people. His track for us „I Know What You Are Thinking (feat. Left off Manila)“ builds on his understatement and sublime sound design he installs with skill and refines and again creates that sensual dark atmosphere he often describes himself as „the dark side of the moon“.

The MFA - Panacea (Extrawelt Remix)

This is an unreleased Extrawelt remix for the British duo The MFA which was not released on their vinyl EP on Traum. The remix by Extrawelt is quite different to the original being much more gentle, calm and floating.

Sandburgen - Loerick

Sandburgen’s track „Loerick“ winds like a snake. It keeps up a steady pace with a nice continuation and peak themes lurking behind the beats. DJs love and always look out for a track like this.

Aaron Hedges - Airlines Theme

American producer Aaron Hedges now living in Berlin has run his own imprint in the past called District Of Corruption. He has released on Tour De Traum before but this could be his most house styled track for Traum so far. „Airlines Theme“ describes the comfort of traveling via plane. The track pairs the softness of dub house tracks with the aesthetics of ambient music. Here music is stylishly carried on a sedan chair. But watch out for these small cross over punctuation lines which make the track so lively. Fantastic in every sense.

Ryan Davis - Dragonheart

This is the album closing track of Ryan Davis's „Particles Of Bliss“ album we released a while ago. But we think it deserves another close look since it is a special track by him. We are sure you wont find another track like this in his discography. As Forced Exposure once said: „Dragonheart“ is an emotional vocal ballad with a shoe-gazing edge to it. Making this a more personal finish definitely makes this album more special.

blø:ndi - Resurrection

blø:ndi is a producer from Germany with whom we have been in contact for a while and who we think writes great melodic house tracks. The compositional side of blø:ndi’s „Resurrection“ is stunning and assures us that we will hear more from her in the future

Gergő Bischof - Nagyon Fáj

Formerly know as Gregory Galahad in the Hungarian underground techno scene Gergő Bischof has started his own personal project. It blends a breathtaking movie soundtrack aesthetic with house beats to create music which goes under your skin.

Reyul Mather, Patrick Phi – Hypnosis

The duo has written a fabulous hypnotic deep piece of techno with „Hypnosis“ keeping a fine understatement, equipped with a strong groove that makes the track very attractive for DJs.

Pavillion - Paper Planes

Pavillion is a Belgian artist who writes music that takes listeners on a musical trip outside of their comfort zone. Some of Pavillion's tracks have been played on local and national radio stations in Belgium. His track „Paper Planes“ is one of these track that starts at point an ends somewhere totally different and therefore takes the listener by his hand and guides him to unknown territory. Pavillion draws on multiple, diverse sources and therefore creates unique and fascinating liveliness.

Heijmat – Reverberate

The brainchild of Haarlem-based producer Huub Reijnders, Heijmat is a creative outlet where he can share his love for techno with cinematic atmospheres, analog synths and dark melodies. Heijmat’s songs are conceived at the piano; the cinematic textures that come from those sessions slowly develop into synth-laden, bass-heavy tracks with glitchy drums and subtle sound-design. Inspired by artists like Jon Hopkins and Ben Böhmer, Heijmat channels the darker side of melodic techno.

Parra for Cuva & Viken Arman - Antesia

Parra for Cuva & Viken Arman have written „Antesia“ for the „Veiled In Blue“ EP we released a few years ago which still ranks high with the fans. So we added this pearl of the past to the tracks here for you to enjoy.

STIQ - Balance

STIQ have release with us before on Tour De Traum and return here with a melancholic and moody deep techno track.

Vessentsen - First

A brand new project from a Dutch producer who has released music with us on our techno Imprint Trapez. His new music is much more moody but keeps a bit of the urgency he has learned to create for the DJ scene... and fuses it with dubby elements and atmospheric sounds to create a nice continuity.

Flayman - Starting Point

The Argentina artist Flayman has released an EP with us in November and we have asked him for an unreleased track. He succeeds again with a melancholic & atmospherics techno track which features sensual vocals and a lot of deepness.

Jędrzej Krawczyk - Kostium Na Smutki

The Polish artsist has release music for us before under the name TOJK which he has changed to his real name Jędrzej Krawczyk for all music to come. His new track „Kostium Na Smutki“ is quite a journey starting with piano chords blending into the innovative world of modern electronic music. This is challenging and risky music with a lot of surprising elements to surface and keep you on the toes. Twisted, traumatic, music which gets lifted up at halftime with tempo reflecting percussion.

Paul Bart, Ranka - Don't Say Goodbye

Paul Bart has teamed up with Ranka for this track. With him he shares the love for various styles of music which finds an impact in their track „Don't Say Goodbye“. It can be described as an eventful and colorful travel which climbs different stages from melodic techno to old school house with artistic finesse.

PatriceVanDenBerg - Extraordinary Dub

PatriceVanDenBerg has release fantastic tracks on recent Tour De Traum releases. We have enjoyed the recent dub flavored tracks of his and we're happy to release this sublime and deep dub techno track „Extraordinary Dub“.

Matthias Springer - Moondriver

Matthias Springer has been involved in the electronic music scene since the late 1990’s. He feels comfortable in a lot of different genres, from experimental electronica, to deep house and dub techno. For Traum he has written an atmospherically dense, dub flavored techno track. Witness the sublime tension within the calm! He released in the past on: Parquet, Bulletdodge, Eintakt, TicTacToe, Etui, Acid Worx, Hypnotic Room, Diametric, Apnea, Dreiton and has his own label Diametral Records.

Carsten Halm - Fuchsbau

Carsten Halm was able to score with his piece "Fuchsbau" with many fans and so we have added this piece to the playlist for you. Carsten has the ability to create a collective feel with his music which is outstanding.

Kawari - Organic Love

"Organic Love" is a light-weight, upbeat piece by the artist Kawari that is complemented by the pop aesthetic most familiar from French producers like Air and Co.

Loutouse - Saturn (feat. Jonaz)

Hamburg based artist Loutouse features Berlin singer Jonaz on this wonderful uplifting pearl off a house track. Moody music for special moments.

Himy Vana - Human Data

Himy Vana started his new solo project in 2020 with major influences spanning techno, hip-hop, IDM, house and sci-fi movies. His new track „Human Data“ picks up the urgency and energy of sci-fi movie soundtrack aesthetics.

Cosmic Sandwich - Biotic

Building on his recent productions and his EP for Traum, Steve Barnes aka Cosmic Sandwich shows minimalism with a gloomy dark edge.

Umo Fracto - Hipnos

Umo Fracto returns to Traum with „Hipnos“, a track that combines looped sequences with slowly evolving sounds to create a field of tension that he sustains throughout the piece.

Jan Steiner - Rain Dub

Jan Steiner’s „Rain Dub“ is a fast paced techno track with pulsating beats and dub techno chords and a lot of deepness in succession.

Ksyne - Freshly

Post Detroit electronica with references if you will to our idol of the early techno days: Bochum Welt. Enjoy the lush melodies and the cool broken beat groove.

Frank Hopkins - Premonitions

Frank Hopkins appears here with his track „Premonitions“, his second track for Tour De Traum grasping on the abstract electronic side. He has been chosen by the BBC as one of the new talents from the UK appearing on their show and on their live stage.

Hughes Giboulay - Sweet Lydia Theme

Hughes Giboulay’s jazzy piano theme called „Sweet Lydia Theme“ shows artistic songwriter qualities focusing on intimate & moody moments.

Fantasias Animadas - Central

Fantasia Animades has released with us twice on the very first Traum which was „Elektronische Musik aus Buenos Aires“. He began his classical piano studies at the age of 7 and was attracted to composition, other instruments, improvisation and especially different forms of instrumentation, recording techniques, music production and electronic instruments. In 1993 he founded his solo electronic music project Fantasias Animadas, with which he began to identify his compositions and concerts in his country and other countries. Within this project he has released four full albums and an EP: He has produced record projects for pop and experimental bands and has collaborated with Daniel Melero on his album Piano and many others. At the same time, he works as a record producer, composer and sound designer for film, theatre and contemporary dance pieces and audiovisual works, sound engineering, mastering and private and institutional teaching. „Central“ is a 14 minute masterpiece that evokes feelings of early electronic compositions as for example by Steve Reich and musicians that were referred to as the originators of minimalism. Fantasias Animadas contemporary experimental technique puts him close to the works of German projects like Microstoria and Oval.

Frasseck & Freitag - Jetlag

Frasseck & Freitag return to Tour De Traum with another classy tune called „Jetlag“ building on dub techno chords in the beginning but leaving that trail for more elaborate composed melodies to take over.

Beatune - Chai Lai

Beatune returns to Tour De Traum with a Latin flavored electronic house composition which dwells more on the deep side of things in comparison to its predecessors.

Cosma Castiglia, Fabrik Way - Dancing On Jupiter

Cosma Castiglia and Fabrik Way return to Tour De Traum with a track that picks up on a lot of influences from the 80ies such as drums and melodies but adds a fantastic compositional side you might not expect.

Danjel Esperanza - Treibgut

Danjel Esperanza has written with “Treibgut“ a track which reminds us a lot of the early German techno days, especially the more hypnotic and spiritual ones.

Elmira - Innumerous

Elmira has written with „Innumerous“ a minimalist acid tune, classic but also unique in the way she treats the melodies. Elmira is a musician and a cellist who graduated from Tehran music school and Tehran University of art. She had concerts with different orchestras, such as Tehran Symphony Orchestra, the Austrian Cultural Forum Orchestra, and the Arco String Orchestra. She has had many recitals and concerts as a Duo, Trio, Quartet and Ensemble & has been able to win positions in some of these festivals. Along with these activities, her passion for electronic music grew more and more, and finally, she started to learn electronic music production in 2020. Elmira likes to produce electronic music because it is vast and unlimited. She believes a producer can aurally portray whatever she feels for her audience and be the story's narrator.

DJ Endo - The Dream

Japanese DJ and producer DJ Endo has written with „The Dream“ a fantastic furious and angry piece of techno upholding the Japanese identity which leads to a fantastic sound experience. Hiroshi Endo provided music for TV programs and art galleries in a wide range of fields and started to record music in 2009. He began his own program "radio CONVERGE +" on UB RADIO, the most popular internet radio station in Bangkok, Thailand.

Fabrik Way - Alpha & Omega

Fabrik Way has contributes with „Alpha & Omega“ a track that is based on a shuffle like beat and pays attention to heaven like chords and breathed voices. Here all comes together an ends in a dreamy soundtrack a track.

Graumann - Soulverse

Graumann supplies us with „Soulverse“ an energetic techno tune that will work very well on the dance floor.

Any Shade of Green - Castles In The Ocean

Matt Downie lives in Golden, BC, Canada. His organic beginnings as a self-taught DJ, producer, drummer and audio engineer has taken him off to a place that has no return. As he says: Music is Life. He has recorded trax for Tour De Traum under his alias Happy Medium but right now releases all trax under his new name Any Shade of Green. „Castles In The Ocean“ shows all the advantages of being self- taught and to include experiments with sound in your composition. His new track is a voyage of ups and downs, twisted and full of passion and pain. This is risky music that does not follow trends. And for all of us who seek this independence this is perfect music to listen to.

Maor Azulay - Ready Yet

Maor Azulay goes downbeat with his track „Ready Yet“. Very atmospheric and deep in its conception the track creates a nice loose spacious piece of electronica.

Bastien - Apuro

Bastien residing in Ecuador has been active as a mastering and mixing engineer for artists, labels and studios like: Butch, Marcelo Rosselot, Aldo Cadiz, Fabian Argomedo, Francisco Allendes, Los Andes Music, Monique, Resopal, he decided to take the next step and start writing music.He released trax with Nervous, Kling Klong, Multi Vitamins, Lapsus, Resopal , Natura Viva, Armada Music, Moan, Manual, etc. He also writes music for advertising and films, where he won Bronze award in FIAP Festival in Miami, USA and a Bronze Lion in Cannes. Bastien’s track „Apuro“ has a genuine and fascinating film soundtrack quality on top of a lively break beat and articulates itself through this antagonism with great skill.

Henotik - Ronda

The British musician Henotik is based in Barcelona and has already released tracks on Einmusika and Natura Viva. He has played gigs in London and Barcelona, in bars and clubs. Born during lockdown, he hosts a regular livestream which let him showcase his diverse taste to followers and visitors alike. His track „Ronda“ is a masterpiece of cross over styles and ideas which come across as imaginative, fresh and unorthodox. „Ronda“ is joyous and eventful.

Pavel Kosmonaut - Dark Doodad

Pavel Kosmonaut has released on several Tour De Traum compilations but „Dark Doodad“ is by far the most obscure track of his as he leaves the path of a proper composition for a stream of consciousness in to the dark world of sci- fi movies. Pavel Kosmonaut creates his own „Blade Runner“ soundtrack with a lot of dream like passages and Fx sounds. Fantastic risky stuff.

Rico Loewe - Nikiti

As the resident DJ of the underground ElectroZid parties, Rico Loewe has made a name for himself in and around Dresden and transports in the production of his track „Nikiti“, his love for driving melodies, dance and ecstasy.

Beople - Gale

Yukifumi Uchida runs under the name of „Beople“ and has been recording music for Foureal Records (Japan), MioliMusic (USA) and Apnea (France). His track for us: „Gale“ relates musically to the post Basic Channel universe, and defines itself also through the raw and direct approach of sounds that kick in without any comfort zone, which we like very much. Genre wise this can be referred to as dub techno.

Peter F. Spieß - Phobos Sunrise

Peter F. Spieß has written with „Phobos Sunrise“ and experimental dub techno track with sounds that sound Asian at some points. The stream of consciousness quality in this track never announces itself but goes it its own way creating some wonderful brittle moments.

Teiko Yume, Zstimer - Boreal

Teiko Yume and Zstimer are both from Mexico City and are active members of the DJ and producer scene there. With their track „Boreal“ you can witness a phantastic voyage through melodic worlds in which both draw successfully from melodic techno, progressive house and tech house.

Think Positive - Divine

The Greece-based electronic music artist has been releasing music on many different labels such as Fasma of Psytrance. In 2018 he got his degree in classic music obtaining the 5th grade of ABRSM. In 2021 his melodic house/techno project Think Positive was born. „Divine“ carries a strong note of monstrous prog rock within its techno genes and it is the cross over, we think is exciting.

7IAN7 - Nebula

7IAN7 is again with us! The solo project of guitarist/producer Gianluca Silvestri mixes elements of electronic music acts like Daft Punk, Calvin Harris and Moderat with the funk/R&B and soul greats Playful guitarist yet introspective, his melodic style reflects his love for improvised and instrumental music, stemming from Africa American music traditions. While his music is fluid and free, one thing that remains constant is his ability to take listeners on a journey of sound. 7IAN7’s track „Nebula“ creates curiosity with the listeners , where will that track lead us? What kind of music is this? The genre of Electronica might grasp it, but really „Nebula“ defies all genres. This is moody music which draws a picture and seems to be generated not a human but by the environment itself it was recorded in. This is a brilliant spine tickling mind fuck.

Priq - Ninth Shadow And The Painted Sky

BPMs are higher here and the melodic painted picture is defined by a rush of images. Priq’s „Ninth Shadow And The Painted Sky“ is a fight between two worlds with the fear of a collision. This track is pure madness and therefore we value it very much. See what it does for you!

Release Date:                                                              02. December 2022