Various Artists - Tour De Traum 27 - Traum CDDig 54

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Tour de Traum enters the next round!

Tour de Traum's 27th round is set to deliver an exceptional auditory journey, curated by Riley Reinhold. This series continues to showcase a blend of well-known figures in the electronic music scene alongside fresh, emerging talents. The release spans a diverse range of genres, including deep house, melodic techno, electronica, and ambient, ensuring a rich and varied soundscape. Despite the diversity, a common thread runs through the compilation, seamlessly weaving the tracks together to create a cohesive and immersive listening experience. Whether you are a longtime fan or a new listener, this edition promises to captivate and inspire.

Polarfunk - Ferdinand

We kick off with the German artist Polarfunk, who has written a melodic deep house anthem with ‚ "Ferdinand", gently heralding the arrival of summer with its light and breezy tones. "Comfy" and "euphoric" are the perfect adjectives to describe this track, placing it successfully among the new school contemporary deep house tracks of today. The soothing yet uplifting vibe captures the essence of modern deep house, making it a standout addition to any playlist.

Forest People - I Could Use Some More

Forest People has become well-known in his homeland for DJing techno, but this track showcases his versatility. His deep house piece is packed with emotion, making him a perfect fit for the new Tour de Traum and summer days.

Drol. - Sunriser

Romain Gouillart, A.K.A. Drol., is a producer known for his eclectic sound that fuses downtempo, melodic techno, and electro jazz. Drawing inspiration from nature, his music blends dark and light moods to craft a mystical, orchestral atmosphere. He recorded a 6-track EP for us on our electronic sub-label ZAUBERNUSS in 2013. Two years later, he played at the legendary MUTHEK festival. His musical roots are deeply embedded in jazz, influenced by jazz samba, batacuda, and African percussion. His track "Sunriser" is a perfect voyage within the genre of deep house, showcasing his variety of skills to keep the fire burning. This is for those seeking hypnotic and soulful music of excellence, rather than flashy stunts.

pørtl - Zeitenlos

pørtl draws on ten years of experience in a post-rock band, incorporating this background into their new electronic project to combine atmospheric moods with dance music. Their new track for Tour de Traum draws from their actual solo EP on our label, focusing on their danceable side without abandoning unconventional sounds, blending various elements to create a truly emotional experience.

Heal Mura - Wu Wei

Heal Mura, a distinguished artist hailing from Brazil, is renowned for his mastery in electronica and ambient music. His track "Wu Wei" exemplifies his ability to blend eclectic pop music songwriting with infectious dance floor rhythms, resulting in a captivating and dynamic musical experience. The vocals on "Wu Wei" stand out as a particular highlight, evoking the essence of 80s post-new wave with their distinctive style. Heal Mura's musical journey includes notable achievements, such as his previous band Aldo's prestigious opportunity to open for iconic acts like Radiohead and Flying Lotus during their 2018 tour in São Paulo.

Flayman - Unanswered Prayers

After releasing his full solo EP "Moonlight Orchestra" in 2023 and his track "Starting Point" on TDT 24, we are excited to welcome back this talented Argentinian artist with his new track, "Unanswered Prayers". The melancholic feel, characteristic of Argentinian music, is masterfully transformed into a techno dance format. In this track, he showcases his unique and distinctive vocal style, delivering a performance that is both emotive and captivating.

Danjel Esperanza - Nachlaeufer

Frankfurt-based producer and DJ Danjel Esperanza, known for his contributions to multiple Tour de Traum compilations and his solo EPs, is set to release his first solo EP on Traum this August. This release offers an intriguing look into his current work, marked by the integration of analogue equipment with contemporary techniques and innovative compositional ideas. In "Nachlaeufer" Esperanza skillfully combines electronic elements with soulful piano melodies, creating a track that reflects both his technical proficiency and creative evolution. This piece exemplifies his thoughtful approach to music production, presenting a harmonious blend of electronic and acoustic sounds.

Not so k - Human

After successfully releasing a solo EP ("A World Without") with us last year, the British artist and music producer returns with a classy deep house dance track featuring native vocals. These vocals evoke the essence of early British techno music from the Outer Rhythm label, reminiscent of early Leftfield & Djum, as well as early 808 State productions, which we are huge fans of.

The MFA - Ormont

Following our album with The MFA, "Lights Out", which captures the explosion of creative freedom in electronic music during the '90s, their new track "Ormont" continues this legacy. Featuring banging drums, slashing percussion, and pensive moments, "Ormont" delivers the unique rave intensity you might be seeking.

Slimskit - Sympathetic Vibrations

Emerging from El Paso, Texas, this promising new artist brings a wealth of talent to the table. Stay tuned as we unveil more of his captivating music. His track, "Vibrations", offers a tantalizing glimpse into the bold, experimental dimension of his sound. Slimskit demonstrates a remarkable ability to seamlessly shift direction and mood, making use of microrythmic elements, glitch-like percusion, heavy bass and calming synths, keeping listeners on the edge of their seats. Experience the journey first and be captivated by his artistry."

fran&co - Disko Babushka

fran&co has made several appearances on Tour de Traum, solidifying his reputation in the electronic music scene. A former resident DJ at club A.R.M. in Kassel and the youngest ever resident DJ at the renowned Monza Club in Frankfurt, fran&co has also graced the stages of Cocoon Club and U60311. His discography includes notable club hits such as "Cala Bassa", "Today" and "Symphony From Outer Space". He also achieved significant success with his track "Mainwiesen" on Traum. His latest track, "Disko Babushka," exemplifies his ability to keep the dance floor energized. The track features captivating melodies, cool breakdowns, and striking drum patterns, showcasing his expertise in crafting a complete package for DJs. With "Disko Babushka," Fran&co continues to demonstrate his club-proven quality and ability to engage dancers. .

Fabian Sensestein – Timeless

Fabian Sensestein is a young French artist who has been composing music for a few years now, taking his inspiration from nature. So it is no surprising that his music, or rather his piece for Traum "Timeless', is a very organic one. It offers a wonderful motion paired with a light hearted melody that progresses nicely and gentle and places it among the best of the organic house tunes.

Tweaken - qfex

The Belgian duo Tweaken draws from a variety of styles, combining them in an eclectic manner to create a unique electronic journey. Known for their live performances and visual shows at clubs and festivals, Tweaken offers an immersive experience for their audience. Their latest track "Qfex", can be described as organic house. This composition presents a stream of music that is largely introspective and deep, yet punctuated with moments of joy. "Qfex" undergoes subtle changes throughout, maintaining a cohesive and engaging narrative without ever straying from its path.

Philias - So Far Away

Philias, the British artist Phil Joannides, has been steadily making his mark on the music scene, producing under various monikers. His experience working in high-profile recording studios in the UK has sharpened his skills in music production. Last year, he recorded "The Burn EP" with us, and we are excited to welcome him back. His latest track "So Far Away" is an introspective deep dance track. While the track maintains a smooth continuity, Philias incorporates subtle twists that keep it lively and engaging. This piece exemplifies his ability to create electronic music that resonates emotionally, appealing to both audiophiles and those who seek a profound connection during late-night listening sessions.

Tagmond - Dresden Dinner

Hailing from Halle (Saale), Germany, Tagmond, also known as Michael Dieling, emerges as a promising new artist on the scene. His latest project "Dresden Dinner" showcases his talent and potential. "Dresden Dinner" is a deep minimalist house track reminiscent of the style of German producer Low Tech. Through the use of repetition, Tagmond instills a sense of sensitivity in the listener. The subtle melodies create an open space, inviting the listener or dancer to fill it with their own imagination and creativity.

IPI - Dancing With The Stars

Get ready to embark on a euphoric journey with Cologne-born artist IPI's latest release, "Dancing With The Stars". With a vibrant blend of rhythmic finesse and emotional depth, IPI, with his half-Argentinian heritage, delivers a track that ignites the dance floor and stirs the soul. Having honed his craft as a resident DJ at the legendary "Lust und Freude" parties at Gewölbe in Cologne, IPI is no stranger to delivering unforgettable musical experiences. Now, as a label manager for "Lust und Freude Musik", he continues to push boundaries with his distinctive sound. "Dancing With The Stars" is a dynamic showcase of IPI's talent, featuring uplifting chords and intricate sequences that build into mesmerizing melodic peaks. This track is a testament to IPI's unwavering commitment to crafting music that moves both body and spirit. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the magic of "Dancing With The Stars" and join IPI on a journey through the realms of electronic bliss.

Masella - Chorder Circle

Prepare to be mesmerized by the captivating sounds of Granada-based producer and live artist, Masella. With a knack for crafting enveloping melodies and hypnotic rhythms, Masella has solidified his position as a rising star in the electronic music scene. Having graced prestigious stages including ADE and achieving the coveted top position on the indie dance 100 chart on Beatport, Masella's talent knows no bounds. His impressive discography boasts releases on esteemed labels such as A Runemark, Steyoyoke, and Beatfreak.

David Calo - Starchip Poopers

Prepare to be transported to the pulsating heart of electronic music with Buenos Aires-born artist David Calo. With a reputation for igniting dance floors across Argentina's most popular clubs, Calo's talent has garnered international acclaim. Having achieved notable success with tracks like "Moving Myself," featured on Nick Warren's prestigious Renaissance Master Series, and "From Somewhere," released on Hernan Cattaneo's Sudbeat label, Calo has firmly established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the global electronic music scene. In 2023, his EP "Fever" received support from none other than John Digweed on Transitions, further solidifying his status as a rising star. Now, with his latest track "Starchip Poopers" Calo pushes the boundaries of sonic exploration. Fusing sci-fi sounds with powerful driving beats, this track is a journey through otherworldly landscapes, delivered with seamless continuity for DJs and listeners alike. Experience the exhilarating fusion of futuristic sounds and infectious rhythms with "Starchip Poopers" by David Calo.

Jan Steiner - May The FORS Be With You

Introducing Jan Steiner, a burgeoning talent in the electronic music scene, particularly cherished among TRAUM fans. With notable releases, including a full-length album and appearances on Tour De Traum, Jan has been making waves. His journey began with a feature by Max Cooper on the remix of "A Model of Reality", marking his initial breakthrough. Despite being on the rise, Jan remains a humble and inspiring artist, continuously evolving his sound. "May The FORS Be With You" showcases Jan's electronic prowess, offering an adventurous track filled with intricate layers and organic qualities. Mysterious whispers and subtle noise elements complement the melodies, reflecting Jan's distinct style. Discover the allure of "May The FORS Be With You" and immerse yourself in Jan Steiner's captivating sonic landscape.

low& - Warped

low& the fusion of two creative musical minds with a combined 40 years of audio experience, one hailing from Brazil, the other from Germany. It is rumoured that both independently caught the same low-end signal some 18 years ago - it landed them on a shared spatial plane, otherwise known as ‘London’, whereupon they discovered a shared fascination in underground music and particularly deep and groovy frequencies. „Warped“ is am audio worm , a stream of music making that changes and defines itself while it is played. It creates itself out of itself . One could say it is life inside of their own private idaho. A world quite fantastic, funky and unpredictable.

Vellichor - Digital Imprint

Introducing Vellichor, a talented American singer, songwriter, and electronic music producer hailing from Texas. Despite being an upcoming artist, Vellichor has already released a dozen tracks, showcasing a promising trajectory in the industry. With his latest single, "Digital Imprint" Vellichor's distinctive vocals take center stage, defining the track with their prominence. Adding a cool pop music flair to the genre of house music, Vellichor demonstrates his commitment to crafting infectious melodies and captivating rhythms. "Digital Imprint" is a testament to Vellichor's innovative approach, blending elements of pop and house seamlessly to create a fresh and dynamic sound. With each release, Vellichor continues to carve out his place in the electronic music landscape, captivating listeners with his unique style and infectious energy. Experience the allure of "Digital Imprint" and join Vellichor on his journey through the ever-evolving world of electronic music.

Monokompatibel - Magic Fungus

Enter the world of Monokompatibel, a collaborative project featuring Andreas Kolinski, Michael Wirtz (both from Frankfurt), and Severin Schulze. With roots in the "Robert-Schumann-Musikhochschule" and involvement with the Institut "Fuer Musik Und Medien" in Duesseldorf, these artists bring a wealth of musical knowledge and creativity to their work. Andreas Kolinski, also known as AKmusique from Duesseldorf, has left an indelible mark on the music scene with legendary albums like "Le Vie Du Lounge" (Electric Lounge) and collaborations with esteemed artists such as Carlos Peron (Yello). "Magic Fungus" stands out with its unique modular sound, characterized by waves that gently layer and serve as a matrix for a multitude of other sounds to interact within the track. As sounds evaporate and fade away, others emerge to create a captivating chain reaction, drawing listeners into a mesmerizing sonic journey. Experience the enchantment of "Magic Fungus" and immerse yourself in the innovative world of Monokompatibel.

7IAN7 - Border Net

7IAN7 has contributed to Tour De Traum several times and also here established a genuine sound that draws an instruments not in generell alway associated with house music. So here we go with fantastic „left field house“ music orchestrated on a high level for us too enjoy.

GIANT 22 - Der Floeten Spieler

Prepare for an invigorating experience with GIANT 22's track "Der Flöten Spieler," a composition brimming with positive energy and relentless forward motion. This track keeps the beats rolling, delivering a vibrant and dynamic soundscape. GIANT 22's music draws from a rich tapestry of diverse influences, creating a storm of sounds that stimulate the senses. His deep dive into music production has led him to explore the vast universe of synthesizing, building a sophisticated eurorack/analog setup, and more. "Der Flöten Spieler" is a multifaceted piece that seamlessly incorporates elements of Reggae, Jazz, Pop, Electronica, Techno, and House, showcasing GIANT 22's versatility and creativity. Experience the eclectic fusion and boundless energy of "Der Flöten Spieler" and let GIANT 22's innovative sound captivate your senses.

Felix Harreus - Superatio

Felix Harreus, born and raised in Ludwigshafen by the river Rhein, has developed his unique sound amidst a landscape of concerts, buildings, and industry. Under his aliases, Doesntmatter and Superatio, he has released a diverse array of music, deliberately steering clear of hipness and trends. His track "Superatio" stands out with its minimalist 80s influence, the stoicism of rigid marching beats, and a surreal blend that results in rebellious alternative music. Felix's commitment to authenticity shines through, creating a sound that is both distinctive and compelling. Experience the raw and innovative spirit of "Superatio" and immerse yourself in Felix Harreus's unique musical vision.

Joe Harrison - Least Significant Digit

Meet Joe Harrison, an Amsterdam-based electronic music artist and VJ whose work seamlessly blends the sonic and the visual. Currently pursuing a PhD in AI, Joe merges technology and art to create immersive experiences that transcend the ordinary. Inspired by the intricate works of Escher, his creations explore complexity and illusion in both sound and visuals. "Least Significant Digit" showcases Joe's talent for manipulating roaring, distorted sounds reminiscent of Portishead, pushing the track to the edge of the sonic spectrum. This piece is a fine construction of interacting sounds that work in harmony to create a cohesive and powerful auditory experience.

Hughes Giboulay - Qunram

Experience the extraordinary with Hughes Giboulay's "Qunram," a fantastic piece of electronica that seamlessly blends influences from Steve Reich to 70s piano soundtrack music, all executed in a modern fashion with razor-sharp precision. "Qunram" is a masterful composition where these diverse elements come together, soaring with huge emotional wings. The result is a track with an impressive emotional wingspan, capturing the essence of its influences while delivering a fresh, contemporary sound. Immerse yourself in the evocative world of "Qunram" and witness Hughes Giboulay's remarkable ability to connect the past with the present, creating music that resonates on a profound level.

Chrisik - Not Today

Vienna-based songwriter and producer Christian Valisik, known as Chrisik, crafts dreamy, melancholic, and complex electronic music. In 2012, he achieved first place in the Radio FM4 Remix Contest for the German electropop band MIA. and their single "Fallschirm," which was featured on the FM4 Soundselection compilation. Later that year, his melodic and dreamy techno debut EP "Eastern Spell" was released on the Austrian label Navida Deep. Chrisik also worked on a remix for the talented Austrian artist DARA WINTER with her song "No Mouth, No Eyes, No Heart." With his latest track, "Not Today," Chrisik constructs a composition that builds a high degree of melodic drama. Throughout the track, he weaves a rich tapestry of emotional moments, elevating the piece to a profound and spiritual level. Immerse yourself in the evocative soundscape of "Not Today" and experience Chrisik's unique ability to blend intricate melodies with deep emotional resonance.

Dark Arps - Straddling

Jo Bierman, known in the music world as Dark Arps, is a 40-year-old British/Canadian artist based in Vancouver, BC. As a media production generalist and technical artist, Jo possesses a broad skill set and is deeply immersed in the style and aesthetic of futuristic electronic music. Following the successful release of an EP with us last year, Dark Arps returns with "Straddling," a track that promises not to disappoint. This piece is as eccentric as it is moody, showcasing Jo Bierman's ability to blend funky rhythms with a distinctive, avant-garde edge.Dive into the unique soundscape of "Straddling" and experience the innovative artistry of Dark Arps.

Juan Moreno - Weltschmerz

Juan Moreno is a promising young artist from Mexico's vibrant national music scene. He began his career playing at underground parties and eventually moved on to perform in bars and clubs across the country. With an extensive musical background that spans from experimental house to the classic sounds of Chicago and Detroit, Moreno brings a diverse range of influences to his work. His track "Weltschmerz" leans towards modern manipulated techno, yet is beautifully counterbalanced with acoustic sounds and voices. The result is an eccentric and unique piece of melodic techno that stands out for its innovative blend of styles. Experience the captivating sound of "Weltschmerz" and discover the distinctive artistry of Juan Moreno.

Harada - Blossom

Meet Harada, an emerging talent from Cologne, quietly shaping his musical path. With a background in minimalistic sounds, he's now exploring the realms of melodic compositions, finding his voice in the electronic music landscape. We've had the pleasure of featuring several of his tracks on Tour De Traum, offering listeners a glimpse into his evolving sound."Blossom" is a poignant exploration of emotions, seamlessly blending moments of introspection with fleeting waves of euphoria. This melodic deep house track invites listeners to immerse themselves in its intricate layers, discovering new depths with each listen. Embark on a journey through sound with "Blossom" and experience the artistry of Harada as he paints with music.

Areisha - Creator

Meet Areisha, a German DJ who has been spinning records since 2002 and is now venturing into the world of music production. Despite being in the early stages of her production journey, we were immediately impressed by the quality of his work and felt compelled to share her track with a wider audience. "Creator" is a classic melodic techno piece that effortlessly embodies the essence of the genre. With its infectious rhythm and uplifting melodies, the track exudes a convincing positive vibe that captivates listeners from start to finish. Experience the magic of "Creator" and join Areisha on his journey as he makes his mark in the world of electronic music.

Maxism - Neue Ufer

Introducing Maxism, a fresh face in the German music scene, ready to make his mark with his debut track "Neue Ufer." This composition is like a delightful surprise, with each layer revealing itself gradually, leading to an exhilarating climax that leaves listeners wanting more. "Neue Ufer" is a vibrant journey through energetic melodic house, fulfilling every musical desire along the way. With its dynamic composition and infectious energy, Maxism's track promises to captivate audiences and set the dance floor ablaze.

Muuk, John Demeter - Mantra

Mexican artist Muuk, educated at the renowned Monnrom academy in Mexico City, has made waves in the electronic music scene with releases on labels like Natura Vita Tanzgemeinschaft, earning spots in the top 100 at Traxsource and the Beatport top 30. His counterpart, John Demeter, has also made his mark with releases on Natura Vita. Their collaboration on "Ethereal Call" became one of Spotify's most popular progressive house tracks of 2023. Now, they join forces once again for "Mantra" a track that draws on the progressive techno and psychedelic trance sounds of the early '90s. With its spiritual edge and hypnotic rhythms, "Mantra" beckons dancers to the floor, offering a transcendent journey through sound and movement.

Nevel - Glint

Bart Van Meulebroeck, known as NEVEL, is an eclectic Belgian artist, producer, and DJ deeply rooted in the Belgian and international new wave underground scene. With projects like PROPULSION (Mutant-E Records), NEBULA-H (Alfa Matrix), and EX.ES (Alfa Matrix), his diverse catalog reflects the enduring charm of electronic music's past while embracing its limitless possibilities for the future. NEVEL's passion lies in blending organic elements from nature with electronic music, creating immersive sonic landscapes that captivate listeners. His track "Glint" is a moody and introspective piece of techno infused with soul, offering a unique anachronistic vibe that sets it apart from the mainstream. Experience the enigmatic allure of "Glint" and journey into the depths of NEVEL's sonic universe.

Broken Frame - Seek!

Creating music means creating worlds. With "Seek," Broken Frame delves into his inner universe, exploring emotions, fantasies, and dreams to craft an acoustic landscape where you can get lost. Combining electronic beats, ethereal melodies, and a passion for melancholic vibes, he seamlessly blends Dreampop, Electro, and Indie genres to create immersive spaces for listeners to escape into their own fantasies.

Paradyme - You Got Me (feat. Katharina Pan)

Formerly known as half of Garden State Alex Mueller now starts his project Paradyme. Alex discovered his passion for electronic music after spending his early years performing in bands across various genres. He describes the transition to electronic music as a homecoming, a pivotal moment in his musical journey. Influenced by artists who create mesmerizing melodic techno, Alex draws inspiration from pulsating rhythms and captivating melodies. His piano training contributes to the emotive depth of his productions. With „You got me“ he collaborates with singer Katherina Pan to bend classic vocal house with melodic house to be perceived by a wider audience.

RAUB - Deep Down There Without

RAUB has previously made notable contributions to Tour De Traum with tracks like "This One Goes Out to Vienna," "Another Critical," and "Dreaming Bee Free."Their latest offering, "Deep Down There Without," continues to exemplify their unique sound, catering to those who delve into the deeper realms of electronic music. With an ethereal blend of electro beats, post-Detroit string sounds, and a captivating slow-motion mood, "Deep Down There Without" transports listeners into the distinctive world of RAUB. Atmospheric and introspective, this track invites audiences to immerse themselves in RAUB's signature sonic landscape.Experience the enigmatic allure of "Deep Down There Without" and discover the depths of RAUB's musical universe.

Magnetic Source - Against the Wall

Claire Marshall and Andy Byrne, the visionary duo behind Magnetic Source, bring together the unique perspectives of a musicologist and an archaeologist, combined with the expertise of a highly regarded electronic music producer. United by their belief in the transformative power of electronic music, they blend the science of psychoacoustics, the innovation of jazz, and the raw automaton rhythms of Detroit techno. The genesis of Magnetic Source occurred at an underground party, reigniting their passion for releasing and performing music. Byrne's illustrious career began in the nineties producing progressive house for Renaissance and supporting DJs from Lee Burridge to Carl Cox. Meanwhile, Marshall delved into Detroit techno during her tenure in Toronto before becoming a qualified musicologist and archaeologist. Together, they form a unique partnership, combining Marshall's socially-historical influenced sound design with Byrne's studio prowess to craft lush pads and soaring melodies. Their track "Against the Wall" opens with a drum intro reminiscent of early Plastikman and Robotman tracks, before seamlessly transitioning into a "Post Detroit" mood with moody pads that invite listeners to explore the deeper side of techno house.

Jaron Piet - The Evil

German producer Jaron Piet has crafted a sonic masterpiece that transports listeners to vast desert landscapes or the epic scenes of early CinemaScope movies. While his sound is undeniably modern, Jaron's slow-moving synths evoke a sense of biblical grandeur and epic scale. "The Evil" captures the essence of cinematic storytelling, with sweeping melodies and atmospheric textures that paint vivid imagery in the mind's eye. Jaron's mastery of sound design brings a timeless quality to his music, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in a world of cinematic intrigue and adventure.

Teiko Yume - Unchained

Teiko Yume returns to TOUR DE TRAUM with a powerful, minimalist dance track. This track features a continuous build-up that is both classic and captivating. With a vintage theme that echoes the dance music of the '90s, it is produced with today's cutting-edge technology, creating a perfect blend of past and present.

Ümit Han - Die Galata Mitternachtssonatine

The piece "Die Galata Mitternachtssonatine" is based on field recordings made at midnight at the historic Golden Horn in Istanbul. This ambient creation captures the inaudible melodies of the midnight atmosphere around Istanbul's old town near the Galata Bridge. Ümit Han, who has already contributed over a dozen works to Tour de Traum, wraps this composition in a cloak of conceptual art.

Å - Solo Palabras

 makes a captivating return to Traum with an experimental electronic composition that embodies the characteristics of a live performance, complete with improvisational elements. "Solo Palabras" maintains a serene and ambient tone, featuring acoustic elements and occasional synth stabs that create an immersive sonic experience. Join us on a journey of sonic exploration with Â's "Solo Palabras," where each note is a word spoken in the language of music, inviting listeners to lose themselves in its mesmerizing soundscape.

Popular Mechaniks - Ef1

Take a seat an take part in this epic 13-minute journey into uncharted territories with Popular Mechaniks' "Ef1." This expansive track unfolds like a live performance, captivating listeners with its dynamic motion and immersive soundscapes. With a mesmerizing blend of textures and rhythms, "Ef1" evokes a strong spiritual presence that can be profoundly mind-opening for those in the right mood.

4partment - Sacred Bells

"4partment" is the brainchild of Mauro Corbia, an Ambient/Electronic music project dedicated to crafting immersive soundscapes for relaxation, meditation, and dance. With tracks featured on prominent Spotify playlists for relaxation and meditation, 4partment has garnered widespread recognition for its transcendent compositions. In "Sacred Bells," Mauro Corbia explores the captivating resonance of bell sounds within a forward-moving techno framework, imbuing the track with a sense of urgency and suspense. Beneath the pulsating rhythms lies a strong spiritual undercurrent, inviting listeners to embark on a transformative sonic journey.

The Rares - Universe

You may already be familiar with The Rares from their releases on our techno label, TRAPEZ. Now, they bring their signature sound to TRAUM with their latest track, "Universe." Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of stronger techno beats and hypnotic repetitions, seamlessly intertwined with lighter and transcendent sounds. "Universe" offers a captivating sonic journey that blends the raw energy of techno with ethereal elements, inviting listeners to explore the depths of their own consciousness

Jouzie - New Trance

Jouzie marks the latest musical endeavor of renowned recording artist Zied Jouini, known for his diverse array of aliases including the highly successful techno project N:U:K:E, which soared to top chart positions in Italy and Belgium back in 1992 in collaboration with Thorsten Stenzel. With "New Trance," Jouzie takes a different direction, showcasing a steady flow that seamlessly incorporates a vast array of sounds reminiscent of the old days, infused with a remarkable sense of feel and skill. The track exudes a certain live jam attitude, as waves of sound wash over the listener, inviting them on an immersive sonic journey.

Samuel Wallner - Isthmus

In the heart of Madison, Wisconsin, Samuel Wallner commenced his musical journey over a decade ago. For more than ten years, he has been refining his craft as both a producer and a local DJ, immersing himself in the vibrant music scene of his city. Influenced by the eclectic sounds of his surroundings and the nostalgic melodies of his upbringing, Samuel found his voice in the realm of electronic music. His passion for rich, evocative sounds led him to explore a wide range of genres, from deep house to dub, and from deep techno to ambient. With "Isthmus," Samuel ventures into the ambient side of music, providing a soundtrack for solitary contemplation. Drawing upon his deep understanding of rhythm and melody, Samuel seamlessly blends elements from different genres to create a sound that is uniquely his own. His music is a journey, a sonic exploration that invites listeners to lose themselves in its depths.

Hulk Hoffmann - Melting

Based in Berlin, Hulk Hoffmann spent two decades indulging in occasional graffiti on S-Trains before the long arm of the law caught up with him and his legs grew tired. However, instead of dwelling on his past, he shifted his inner nerd to his beloved interest in collecting obscure records and venturing into music production. With "Melting," Hulk Hoffmann channels the energetic drum patterns, mellow basslines, floating delays, and synthesizer riffs that characterize his unique sound. This track recreates the thrilling atmosphere of past graffiti night outs, offering a hazey, laid-back vibe filled with free spirits.

Kai Meyer - Sad But True

We are delighted to welcome back Kai Meyer, showcasing an unfamiliar style not typically associated with him. "Sad But True" is a real "killer" track that surprises listeners with its indie techno/electro vibes. Drawing inspiration from the melancholic yet euphoric sounds of the past, Kai Meyer delivers a captivating sonic journey that strikes a chord with both the heart and the dancefloor. Witness this unique musical voyage through the realms of indie techno and electro.

Release Date:                                                                        05. July 2024