Traum CD Digital 27 - Various Artists - Tour De Traum IV mixed by Riley Reinhold

The fourth part of the Tour de Traum series starts with an ambient post - Detroit electronic masterpiece. A remix by Arnaud Le Texier for Mark Reeve, a remix which creates a wonderful dark atmosphere.
The much in demand track "Die Strandmieze von St. Peter-Ording" by Dominik Eulberg which has not been available on all platforms before cuts right through in the mix by Riley Reinhold mastermind of Traum.
The Dosem remix of Max Cooper’s track "Heresy" which follows is a pearl that deserves every bit to be on this compilation.
The remix of Minilogue’s track "Let Life Dance Thru You" by Microtrauma has been a key track in Riley Reinhold’s DJ sets and appears here because it is so good. "Hasten Chimera" was written by Morris Cowan who has recorded a whole album and more for the small sister Zaubernuss, our label for electronica... so we fuse things here and give access to that track to a broader audience.
Hot Chip’s remix of Dominik Eulberg’s " H2O" comes here in the longer extended version.
Groj’s track "Motte" released originally on Zaubernuss fits nicely providing contrast and an intensity of deeper feelings.
Richie G’s remix of Microtrauma’s "Saturation" is a beautiful track as well as Matthy’s remix of Max Cooper’s "Heresy".
An original and a remix by UK artists Empyrean follows, creating wonderful spaces of sound… evoking the beauty of ancient times and patina. So we hope you enjoy the mix!

1. Mark Reeve - Moving Horizons (Arnaud Le Texier rmx)
2. Dominik Eulberg - Die Strandmieze von St. Peter-Ording
3. Minilogue - Let life dance thru you (Microtrauma rmx)
4. Max Cooper - Heresy (Dosem rmx)
5. Dominik Eulberg - H2O (Hot Chip (extended vocal) mix)
6. Microtrauma - Saturation (Richie G rmx)
7. Morris Cowan - Hasten Chimera
8. Groj – Motte
9. Max Cooper - Heresy (Matthys rmx)
10. Empyrean – Nomad
11. Morris Cowan – Thermal (Empyrean rmx)


Release date: 23rd July 2012

Tour De Traum IV

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