Traum CD Digital 28 - Various Artists - Tour De Traum V mixed by Riley Reinhold

For the first time in years Traum has include new artists who have not released on the label yet on an album format alongside core artists of the label.
Riley Reinhold who compiled the Interkontinental series since the very beginning on Traum had recently gotten itchy… he felt that it was time again to make a mix that would capture the spirit of a new generation of musicians writing melodic techno or abstract melodic music incorporating more artists than the artists already signed.
So “Tour De Traum V” is the first project of this kind since the expired "Interkontinental Series".
The compilation shows the new track "Lichtflut" by Extrawelt on the dub by side of things with nice melodic sequences, it reveals new tracks by Traum artists Ümit Han, Thomas Bjerring, Van Bonn and Roel Hoogendoorn as well as introducing 6 brand new artists:
Jakob Ryther, Hubert Kirchner, William Welt & Peter Weasel, Masahiko Innui, Van Did and Dreamatik, next to already released tracks by Max Cooper, Dominik Eulberg, Microtrauma and Mononoid. We hope you will enjoy the mix and the single tracks, available in the shops in both formats.

1. Van Bonn - Shape The Distance
2. Jakob Ryther - I Come Closer
3. Max Cooper - Spiral Inflections
4. Dominik Eulberg – Die Blaue Sekunde
5. Roel Hoogendoorn - Into The Fire
6. Microtrauma - Solitone
7. Hubert  Kirchner – Equinox
8. Thomas Bjerring - Djakarta
9. Ümit Han – Nikopolis
10. Mononoid - Vapour Pressure
11. William Welt & Pete Weasel - Pony Trap
12. Ryan Davis - Beluga
13. Masahiko Inui - High Spirit
14. Rob Clouth - Bubble Chamber
15. Van Did - Wasting And Shopping
16. Extrawelt – Lichtflut
17. Dreamatik - Geometric Tree


Release date: 21st December 2012

Tour De Traum V