Traum Classics 01 - Process - Electronic 1

We are proud to present for the first time on digital format the work of Brighton based artist Process.
Process has been a most important artist for Traum since 1998 and has been an active member for Traum being involved in projects such as soundtrack writing, web design and of course producing as Cosmic Sandwich together with Riley Reinhold.
Steve Barnes aka Process started his career with a release on UK label Ultimate Dilemma before he released his first 12", an abstract excursion into sound and space, on the English label Fat Cat.
This was soon followed by the album "Shape Space" (featured by John Peel on his long running BBC Radio 1 show) and since then Steve has released all his work on Traum Schallplatten with the exception of a 12" on Chicago's Hefty and single tracks for a compilation of Berlin's label Scape.
Process musically was influenced by early electro such as Egyptian Lover, Juan Atkins, Detroit techno and the wave of Belgian techno in the early 90ies as well as Maurizio, Monolake and To Rococo Rot.
With "Electronic 1" we feature Steve's firsts tracks including "Integ" which was played by Sven Väth in his now legendary radio show. It inspired artist such as Dominik Eulberg who later joined Traum and many people that thought electronic music would create for them a "room to live in".
With his music we witness again a period in electronic music when everything was possible, electronic music was acknowledged as a field for pioneers.
Steve's tracks often define solitude, feature sound from a distance gently mixing with others to create a ghostly and often intense atmosphere. Steve for this reason has been supported also by musicians such as Pole.
For the first time these tracks are now available for download.
All tracks have been remastered by mastering genius Emanuel Geller from Cologne.
All covers feature a beautiful photo taken by Steve Barnes aka Process.
The tracks will come in 3 releases „Electronic 1“, „Electronic 2“ and „Electronic 3“.
Here we start with the earliest tracks in part 1.   

Release date: 03 November 2010

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