Traum V97 - Dominik Eulberg - Herbarium

Mr. Eulberg´s world is a universe with no limits. He confronts us with things which have been part of our culture, but which we have forgotten or never were aware of in the first place. This is the case also with "Herbarium". Who knows anything about it? May we disclose the secret here and tell you that is a way of identifying the differences between plants by pressing them on paper and drying them out to preserve them. Other than that... these plants look wonderful next to each other in an album, if they are pressed dry carefully at an early stage. On the sleeve of his record you see a selection of Dominik´s favourite plants, highlighting plants altogether with delicate features. Their fragile and neat features are in a way romantic. This feeling applies to the track "Kuckucks-Lichtnelke" the track the record was originally based on. In many ways it refers to the finest melodic moments on his Flora & Fauna LP, trax that apart from the DJ feedback received strong response from individual people. Here the musical version of beauty weights heavier than the connection with minimal techno and puts him closer to Kraftwerk than Richie Hawtin. The a-side "Kriechender Günsel" works very much in favour of a rhythmic techno groover with a build up in dynamic but incorporates later a beautiful "Aphex Twin" like melody in the break. "Kriechender Günsel" could be a soundtrack for a sunset in Ibiza.

Release date: 03 March 2008

A. Kriechender Guensel
(Ajuga reptans)

B. Kuckucks-Lichtnelke
(Lychnis flos-cuculi)