Traum V98 - AirbusModular - Destinations

Greek duo AirbusModular will be releasing their debut record "Destination" on Traum in April 08´. The 3-tracker features the title track on the a-side. The brainy melodic avalanche track "Destinations" has sequences wandering up and down randomly creating a seemingly Latin like flavour. The b-side holds the tracks "Poise" and "Manoeuvres time seconds". "Poise" is a technical but energetic track with lots of different parameters and small details throwing you gently from one corner into the next. As the track evolves it develops into a dubby relaxed techno house track. AirbusModular´s shift from one genre into the other is achieved by a fantastic loose sort of jam session like structure. The b2 track "Manoeuvres time seconds" is more experimental and occasionally hits with organ stabs and cool breaks.

Release date: 07 April 2008

A. Destinations

B1. Poise

B2. Manoeuvres time seconds