Lovers of electronic music have been esteeming Minilogue for many years. In 2008 it is almost impossible to imagine club music without the two musicians from Malmö, Sweden. Nowadays, electronic producers tend to retreat into their special stylistic niche - Minilogue dare to draw the bigger picture. The have released outstanding productions on such renowned labels as Traum, Crosstown Rebels, Wagon Repair and Cocoon.
Sebastian Mullaert and Marcus Henriksson emerged from opposing backgrounds. In his youth Sebastian played a range of classical instruments, he even worked as a violin teacher in his teens.
At 18 he discovered contemporary music and joined a band. Marcus used to be a fan of Front 242 and Kraftwerk, he was ravished by the repetitive beats of techno when the music exploded in the nineties. He started to organize parties of his own and became a well known DJ in southern Sweden. When Sebastian and Marcus met at a party, there was an immediate connection. With Sebastian's formal knowledge and Marcus experience with club music the two fitted together like a lock and its matching key. As Son Kite and Trimatic they became very successful in the trance scene, playing enthusiastically received live sets all over the world. With Minilogue they leave the
boundaries of that genre - and actually of any genre. After having risen to the A-List of electronic producers, they still reside in the tiny city of Malmö. As boys from the countryside they enjoy the easy and humble life of a small town. At the same time Malmö has always been very important for the underground dance music scene of Sweden. Since techno and house have exploded in this country, Stockholm tends to ride the hypes and trends, while Malmö is fighting for the deeper and more minimal side of the music. That is why Sebastian and Marcus still feel strongly and passionate about Malmö as their musical home.