Traum V99 - Minilogue - Space rmxs

The new Traum EP comes with a Radio Slave and a Bukaddor & Fishbeck remix of Minilogue´s most successful track of 2007 "Space", plus two bonus remixes from Roland M. Dill and Pierce will be released digitally only. No need to say much about Radio Slave. What he’s accomplished with his remix of Minilogue´s rave Anthem "Space" can best be described through the physical presence his mix has. The track has a monster of a beat and an epic touch to it. The track was played in Berlin’s Panorama/Berghain already and it rocked the floors there! Bukaddor & Fishbeck´s remix is equally stripped down but works with a different sound aesthetic. Like Radio Slave´s mix it uses a whole 10 minutes to develop the track and create feeling. But with it´s slight swing programming Bukaddor & Fishbeck´s track creates a totally different feel. It moves more gently and arrives at a point where it has completed itself to perfection. From there the remix works very self-sufficiently and cool. The drastic break in the middle of the track pulls down the dynamic to the absolute minimum and let´s the hands fly up into the air. The break is just right and shows the knowledge of Bukaddor & Fishbeck for club music. The first digital only bonus mix comes from Roland M. Dill who records for Trapez ltd. Here he has managed to work himself through the epic sound of the original with his stripped down modern tool style of techno. Roland played the melody himself instead of using the sample and has through that highlighted the main theme of the original version of "Space" in a very individual way. The second digital only bonus mix comes from Cologne artist Pierce who has given more attention to the original parts of the track in contrast to the other three remixers. Here he works stronger on the trance borderline than with his music on MBF.

Release date: 05 May 2008

A. Space
(Radio Slave Panorama Garage Remix)

B. Space (Bukaddor & Fishbeck
Tedium Interlude Remix)

Digital 1. Space
Roland M. Dill Remix

Digital 2. Space (Pierce Remix)