Traum V101 - Super Flu - Rattelschneck

Super Flu stem from the same creative corner of Germany which has brought us the Whignomy Brothers and labels such as Freude am Tanzen and Moon Harbour already. The duo will release their third record with Traum and so they are key artists now for the label. The a-side track "Rattelschneck" (rattlesnake, engl.) is a minimal groover in the style they are well known for. Stripped down rhythmic tools that are fused with short melodic anecdotes and lots of small details that enrich their tracks. The track sounds like a soundtrack for a German spaghetti western. "Rattelschneck" has dozens of showdowns coming and going and it seems that Super Flu are unwearyly constructing and deconstructing schemes. Last but not least "Rattelschneck" is a dramatic tale of rich minimal music at it's best. The flipside track "Deathmetal (Schöne Frauen haben große Handtaschen)" (Death metal beautiful girls have large handbags, engl.) sounds as if greedy and hungry handbags are running amok. This is a track of pure madness for the floor! The digital bonus track called "Killifisch" is more of an experimental psychedelic soundtrack with tool track structure.

Release date: 04 August 2008

A. Rattelschneck

B. Deathmetal
(Schoene Frauen haben grosse Handtaschen)

Digital. Killifisch