Bukaddor & Fishbeck

Bukaddor & Fishbeck had a great debut with “Polterabend” on MBF, which turned out to be a a mayor hit in 2007.
With more deep releases on MBF and also melodic releases on Traum, it has been proved that they are true musicians with aims that go beyond and cannot be categorised.
Bukaddor & Fishbeck are master of building up tension with seemingly effortless arrangements.
Their cool symbiosis of house & techno and of tempo & relaxation make them a hip producer duo.
They are based in Cologne and Duesseldorf and spend a great deal of time developing exciting music on a very high recording level in Bukaddor´s studio.
Bukaddor & Fishbeck play live and as DJs and have played top clubs in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and commence to conquer Italy.
For 2009 an album is in preparation on MBF.