Max Cooper

Max Cooper is a London based artist that started out in Belfast in the late 90’s. An early obsession with turntablism is still evident in his sets today, which combine scratching and juggling in a technical and DJ show. UK residencies at legendary nights such Firefly started Max’s national and international DJing via BBC Radio 1 appearances, Mixmag support and major management signings. Max’s production career started early in 2007, and has seen quantity and demand explode in a short space of time. Starting out on UK label Evolved Records, max's releases rapidly became the best selling on the label, and he was soon signed by Germany's Traum Schallplatten and Autist Records. Max is also involved in scientific research as a theoretical geneticist, providing a technical style evident in his production sound. His current projects include the uniting of his theoretical research with his productions for Traum.