Traum V116 - Dominik Eulberg - Perlmutt

Dominik Eulberg´s new Traum release „Perlmutt“ holds two new songs.
After "Sansula" Eulberg has taken another step towards composing exceptional bitter sweet melodies as we can witness in “Daten Übertragungs-Küsschen”.
His fairylike  romantic and gentle melodies are as light as snow flakes and say goodbye to realism.
In contrast to the a -side “Schnertuppen-Regen” keeps an eye on the clubby side of things with rectangular saw tooth sequences, dubby rhythms and back and forth sliding sequences that seem to stem from ancient string instruments and show herewith traces of popular German folk.
All of this evokes in us the beautiful and early “Acoustic Window” phase of Mr Richard James.
“Daten Übertragungs-Küsschen” has been remixed by UK artists Max Cooper and Barcelona based producer Sistema.
Max Coopers mix shows great complexity, he has added his own voice to the original.
Sistema´s great mix focuses on electronica which Traum as pushed over the last half a year.

A. Daten-Übertragungs-Küsschen

B. Schnertuppen-Regen

Digital 1:
(Sistema Remix)

Digital 2:
(Max Cooper mix)

Digital 3: Schnertuppen-Regen
(Beat mix)

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