Traum V117 - Max Cooper - Stochastisch Serie

The title of Max Cooper's "Stochastisch Serie" EP, refers to his use of stochastic methods, also known as non-deterministic, or random methods of sound generation. Stochastic elements referring here mainly to real sounds including vocal experiments and sampled sounds which create a complexity and richness which has been a trademark of many well known Traum releases in the past. The London based artist Max Cooper sees his new 12” as a construction of different moods going beyond club music, as witnessed in the past through tracks such as “i” and “End of Reason”. It is no surprise that ”Dischordance” is another one of these timeless pearls alongside these mentioned tracks that have created a fan base worldwide for him. The friction Max generates is created by two sides colliding, the synthesised drums and melodies and the random experiments with voice. His dance floor rockers “Stochastisch Serie” and “Mnemonic” work in a much more functional way but do include bits of this randomness and therefore are part of the superstructure „Stochastisch Serie“. The remix of UK producer Leeks is very hip in style and sound and will please a lot of younger DJs who love the cool swing and groovyness with music and will find the functionlism here going very strong. Microtrauma from Germany turn the track upside down in their remix, taking out the elements that create the tension and incorporating them in their subtle beat, creating a steady flow of deep music.  

Release date: 02 November 2009

A1. Stochastisch Serie

A2. Dischordance

B1. Mnemonic

B2. Stochastisch Serie - Leeks Remix

Digital 1. Automnemonic

Digital 2. Mnemonic - Microtrauma Remix

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