Traum V125 - Extrawelt - Mosaik EP

“Mozaics” trembles with excitement, when the low kick starts and draws in electronic sounds. Extrawelt fulfil their promise here of sneaking “electronic sounds” into trax that are made for the dance floor. “Mozaik” is a track that works with different genres of music, piano chords meet acid basslines meet distorted sounds ala Ricardo Tobar. All of that happens in a “build up” kind of hypnotic dynamic that could be describes as a late night affair. “Mozaik” holds back some of its surprises when a Chicago “JACK” bassline takes over the scene of crime. Wow, this is kind of spooky. We don't want to revels all of it here... so stay tuned and listen to the whole track for yourself... the metamorphosis it worth waiting! The b1-track „Tim Says” is a deep and melancholic track with a heavy 808 bass-kick, somehow post Detroit in its feeling. Definitive an old school track for the Detroit fans. “Trenchcoat” is another mystic darkish groover with an acoustic attack of bizarre sounds and space creating effect sounds. The track moves step by step towards a composition, which seems to be regulated somehow also through random selected sounds and experiments. A forceful track which grows slowly on you, until it has overtaken you. To describe it in other words, this is a bit of an electro track with a steady kick drum, reminding us of Dopplereffekt or early Ersatz Audio, but with a playful edge to it, which makes it more modern and unique.

Release date: 14 June 2010

A. Mozaics

B1. Tim Says

B2. Trenchcoat

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