Traum V127 - Minilogue - Remixed

When we released the originals of „Certain Things“ back in 2005, we knew little about Minilogue and they had just began to establish their Minilogue project after playing as Son Kite worldwide.
We reached out, shook hands and there seemed to be some kind of magic with their tracks which served well for the Traum spirit.
Somehow effortless their tracks would hover and make contact... a special aura was there from the beginning.
With these remixes we felt there was a lot of musical ground to be conquered. So we asked Dominik Eulberg, Max Cooper and the new artist Freska to interpret  this true Traum classic.

Listening to Dominik Eulberg´s remix we hear a real interpretation of the theme, he has replayed the whole melody transforming it into something richer and more classic.
A kind of “chamber music” character has snug into this remix, making it very positive, uplifting and very romantic.
A kind of true German feeling as German writer Eichendorf has put forward in his short novel “the castle duerande”.
If you listen closely Eulberg to everybodies surprise has also giving his mix a touch of Italo disco in a Moroder kind of way, both being able to existing in full harmony next to each other.
This definitely marks a turning point in Dominik Eulberg´s recent work on Traum, or rather opens a new chapter he will highlight in his forthcoming album in February 2011.

Max Cooper has been stirring up the scene with his very personal and unique style. He has chosen the Minilogue track “Seconds” for his remix. Max here takes off into sci-fi territory, in his own inimitable style he has written an epic remix for the Swedish duo.

Last but not least the Russian producer Freska who is ready to release his solo 12” on Traum in September has given the original a bouncy feeling.   

Release date: 23 August 2010

A. Certain Things part 1.
(Dominik Eulberg remix)

B1. Seconds (Max Cooper remix)

B2. Certain Things part 1.
(Freska „merged“ remix)

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