Traum V132.5 - Applescal - Welcome to the woods remixes

The second part of the "Welcome To The Woods" of Applescal features remixes by: Spada, Dopamine, Leeks and Jules & Moss.
  Spada delivers a unique remix of "Your English Song" that is transported by the force and drive of an appegiator, occasionally taking a breath diving deeply into Applescal´s melancholy.
  Dopamine has remixed the same track but ends up somewhere totally different, reminding us of early Jimi Tenor on Sähkö, very simplistic and stripped down this is a dead cool techno remix.
  Leeks has remixed "Welcome To The Woods" and keeps it much more on the tip of post Detroit style with big emotional synths.
  French artists Jules & Moss have just signed with Dirtybird and give their debut on Traum with their remix of Applescal´s "Welcome To The Woods". Being real masters with the performance of real drumming which they have included in their DJ sets worldwide... their remix lives of that acoustic quality they have made their own trademark.
Celebrating a "breathing" electronic sound... it proves they are unique within the fast paced world of club culture.   

Release date: 17 December 2010

1. Your English Song (Spada remix)

2. Your English Song (Dopamine remix)

3. Welcome to the woods (Leeks remix)

4. Welcome to the woods
(Jules & Moss remix)