Traum V141 - Max Cooper - Empirisch

Max Coopers returns to Traum with his brand new “Empirisch“ EP.
He opens his EP with “Echoes Reality” and we realise right away this might be another cornerstone of Max Cooper’s musical carrier. Inspiring and beautifully crafted as it moves from wonderful lush sounds to a sequences of screeching tones and back to heavenly sounds, “Echoes Reality” shows all signs of an metamorphosis deluxe realised on the highest possible level of production. From roaring basslines to Cadillac squeaking tires to ambrosial vocals... this is Max Cooper at his best and a true “tour de force”.
  For the first time on vinyl  an ambient rework of  “The End Of Reason” is highlighted here. This version is an all-time favourite of Max Cooper and was high in demands by his fans. Enjoy the symphonic quality of the track.
“Darkroom” has a amazing  post Detroit feeling to it as well as a Chicago jack one... which works nicely by the interaction of emotional sounding pit shifted chords and jack percussion.
Max skilfully controls this stream of sounds with an almost live played attitude... gently building up peaks of frenzy and then bringing down the energy level again. Darkroom sets a great contrast to “Echoes Reality” and we could well imagine this being played out together with a Paul Kalkbrenner track.
  It comes as a surprise that we have John Tejada here with a remix, but have known him for quite a while, releases a remix of his before on Trapez and have a solo from him and Justin Maxwell coming out on Trapez in September. His remix uses that equation that has always made Tejada tracks so special and which show his “lifetime” experience. Tejada step by step keeps adding one piece of the puzzle in a dry and seemingly unemotional but emotional way to create the whole track. This is great art and nothing the new producers of today can really get going. This is a bit of a Trapez feeling here on Traum.
With “Qualia” we have the wonderful world of midgets, monsters and flourishing colours. Max Cooper has written here quite a "happy" track at times almost ambient in a classic way... still making use of the drowning and droning sounds that are a Max Cooper treat.   

Release date: 5th September 2011

A1. Echoes Reality

A2. The End Of Reason
(Ambient rework)

B1. Darkroom

B2. Darkroom
(John Tejada remix)

Digial. Qualia

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