Traum V147 - Minilogue - Let Life Dance Thru You Remixes

It is one of our traditions to release remixes of our favourite artists and so we are happy to feature top remix artists for this Minilogue remix release on Traum.
  The „Drop the mask of self protection“ remix of Dominik Eulberg is a bit of an adventure! Unlike his “Diorama” album and maybe because of it’s elaborate musical challenge, he has taken a "time out" to create a serious club format in the true Eulberg style witnessed on Trapez in the past.
So what does that really mean for this track? Well this remix kicks off a bit of an relaxed percussive and deep house groove and undergoes in its course quite an explosive transformation! With a lot of skill and finesse Mr Eulberg pulls the strings with accuracy and makes the transfer of what unfolds to be a heavy big pounding techno rocker! Thumbs up this is superb and Eulberg at his best.
Microtrauma are a very successful act on Traum and have been a top draw following Dominik Eulberg and Max Cooper for a Minilogue remix. So we were excited when Microtrauma decided to remix the original of „Let life dance thru you“.
What they have done is amazing they have transformed the complex and bizarre original into a light hearted but dramatic and bass driven monster. Microtrauma’s beat is just pure seduction and could actually go on forever… and their dub approach here shows they are a versatile duo that cannot be pigeonholed. Microtrauma have a great future and this is just the beginning.
Spada is something like the purveyor to the court for Traum. His musical skills enable him to beam himself  in nearly every kind of genre… distilling something exciting and fresh. So we were quite positive Spada would make it happen again. And what a show he has put on here!
Spada has transformed himself into a sexy beast! Cool, deep, beat driven and musical at times just when it is needed his timing is as perfect as it can be. Listen to his „Let life dance thru you“ remix.
Olaf Stuut is a new artist and for sure one to watch out for. His remix of "Let life dance thru you“ is defiantly new school. It incorporates ambient music, house elements, dub structures, arranged all in a spacious way… very relaxed and cool… a perfect flow… this will be good with music lovers and tastemakers worldwide.
Ümit Han has the already introduced himself on Traum. He is radical in his choice of sound and already has impressed us with his Max Cooper remix. His mix of „Drop the mask of self protection“ builds up an unbearable tension that does not go away till the end. Like a rusty blunt dagger dug into soil, this track can change a situation.
Rodskeez’s remix of „Drop the mask of self protection“ is his debut on Traum. Head over heels Rodskeez dives into a jungle of electronic sounds without fear. Step by step all of it gains shape and makes sense. This mix is only for the headstrong, the people who know, the people who know electronic dance music and like the adventurous side of it.
Last but not least new artist Chaijen hast remixed Minilogue’s "Let life dance thru you " into a techno monster that is heavily gated and "packed" creating a parcel with explosive dynamic. In the right place at the right moment this remix unfolds into sheer menace.   

Release date: 6th February 2012

A. Drop the mask of self protection
(Dominik Eulberg remix)

B1. Let life dance through you
(Microtrauma remix)

B2. Let Life Dance Thru You
(Spada remix)

Digital 4. Let Life Dance Thru You
(Olaf Stuut remix)

Digital 5. Drop the mask of self protection
(Ümit Han remix)

Digital 6. Drop the mask of self protection
(Rodskeez remix)

Digital. Let Life Dance Thru You
(Chaijen "Come Across" remix)